29 Dec 2014

Monday Motives! #6

28 Dec 2014

My Year In Photo's // A Collection Of Memories! #2014

Sadly today concludes my 'Xmas Week' of blogging however I will of course still be blogging Monday, Thursday and Saturday throughout the whole of 2015!  Around this time last year I did a collection of memories blog post where I threw together some of my favourite memories and accomplishments of the last year. To kind of round up this week of blogging and the last year in general I decided I would do the same again. At this time of the year everybody including myself is keen to reflect on what has happened in the last year, the good, the bad, everything, in hope that we can learn from the past and what it has taught and bring from this to achieve even more in the next year. I started this weeks posts with the quote 'Progress Is A Beautiful Thing' because I think this sums up the season and the thoughts many people will be having. I think no matter how big or small your progress, every step is a step in the right direction. Everything we do will eventually lead us to where we want to be and our own destiny. 

These are just some of the memories of this year and I hope to have even more to share with you guy's come this time next year. I have a lot planned for my blog in the coming months from new series's to better content, photoshoots, studio sessions and more. 

27 Dec 2014

Cozy Winter Evenings...

Yesterday gave me the chance to sit by the fire and watch a couple of my favourite Christmas Films snuggled up with a hot chocolate and a cozy sweater. I love having some 'me' time once in a while, even if it's just watching a film and taking time to chill. Below you will discover my favourite holiday films and why I love them and more.

So if you didn't work it out Home Alone and Cool Runnings are my two favourite Xmas holiday films and have been for sometime. I would love to know what you're favourite Xmas films are, so drop me a comment below and let me know. 

26 Dec 2014

December Favourites!

Can you believe it? I am now mid way through my daily blogging Xmas week. It has been so much fun. I hope you all had a great Christmas yesterday, I know I did I actually had a little internet detox and it was nice and refreshing. Today I wanted to do a monthly favourites blog as I haven't done one in a few months.  I really enjoy reading favourites posts within other blogs so like to include mine in my blog.

To Do Lists!!

For the last few months in particular I have been loving using a white board. Using a white board has become part of my daily routine, whereby every night I write down a 'To Do' list for the following day. This helps in feeling like you are closer to what you need to do and achieve and you get a sense of satisfaction throughout the day as you can tick things off your lists. 

25 Dec 2014

Winter Wonderland // Xmas Week!

Today I wanted to talk about something festive (again, lol) but over the holidays London just gets better and I was lucky enough to go to Winter Wonderland and to some of the Christmas Markets this year, so I wanted to talk about these days and share my experiences with you. I'll be honest I have wanted to post this post since I went but thought there was no better date to post it then on the day of Christmas, where everybody is spending time with those they love, opening gifts and sitting around the fire, chilling out and enjoying the day with each other. 

24 Dec 2014

My Christmas Wish (A Poem) // Xmas Week!

Today's my third entry in my 'Xmas Week' blogs and today I have something a little more creative. If you follow my blog you would know that I have posted a few similar posts on here in the past couple months about certain topics that I felt passionate about, for some reason I find it a lot easier to write in poetic form as opposed to sentences as I feel it express more feeling and emotion, in this way. 

For me, I really do believe that the greatest gift you can give to anyone this time of year especially and all year round is your time...

23 Dec 2014

My Not So X-Mas Playlist & Decorating The Tree!

Here we are with the second blog for Xmas Week. Today I wanted to share with you my 'not so xmas' playlist as well as some festive photo's from decorating the tree in our house this year. The holiday season for me and i'm sure many others is a time to spend with those you love and enjoy some time away from 'the grind' (If you're lucky enough). 

Every so often I do a playlist post however my December playlist is not as you would expect as I do not tend to listen to christmas music much, so when it came to a playlist this time of the year I thought I would still put one together. Which you can check out below along with these very festive images I took the other day when putting up the tree. 

Decorating The Tree

22 Dec 2014

Monday Motives! #5 // Xmas Week

So if you didn't know already I will be blogging everyday this week! So today is the start of Xmas Week on my blog. I have decided to blog every day this week to give back to those who have continued to support me this year. I wanted to set myself a challenge and to do something different over the festive period. I hope you enjoy your Christmas holidays and enjoy my week of festive fun. 

20 Dec 2014

Tired of tangled headphones? // Mous iPhone Case!

Are you tired of having tangled or lost headphones? Then Mous is your answer. Mous is a brand new company that have taken the industry by storm, with their brilliantly concepted iPhone case. Mous came about when founder Josh was in university and was looking for a solution to lost and tangled headphones. So he took the frustration out of always having to replace or find his headphones and created Mous. 

Josh after originally not having much success, he went on to find success with business partner James. They took to the streets of London, did their research and relaunched a campaign on Kickstarter and got the company up and running. I find this story incredibly inspiring and something I wanted my readers to read about, as sometimes when you have big dreams and ambitions you can be put off if things don't work out the first time. It is clear that you should keep trying if you really believe in something and want to achieve something "If at first you don't succeed try try again". 

Mous sent me their product to review and check out - of which I did. 

I have had my Mous Case for over a week now and I have not taken it off my phone, I knew I would love this product simply for the fact that we can all relate to having to replace or constantly untangle our headphones. I love the design of the product it is very modern and contemporary and though it is slightly thicker then some cases it still remains sleek and cool. Thank you Mous!

18 Dec 2014

London's Art // Throwback Thursday!

Today I wanted to do another Throwback Thursday blog as I haven't done one in a while. I searched through my old laptop and came across some pictures of Art that I took around London which I used for a project in UNI. I thought I would include them on here as a post because I feel that part of the reason I am where I am today is because of my love for Art when I was a l little younger.

15 Dec 2014

Monday Motives! #4

13 Dec 2014

What Makes Me Happy? // Diary Entry #1

Dear Diary,

So today is Saturday 13th of December 2014 and today I am writing my very first diary entry. If you haven't guessed by the title my entry is going to be about happiness and what makes me happy. I have curated a list of things that make me happy...

My Job
The first thing in my list is my job, editing, designing and creating is something I absolutely love and something that makes me happy so to be able to do this as my job is incredible! For me being creative and just using creativity enables you to express yourself in different ways and I love that and find happiness in doing so - I think this is why I am really enjoying blogging at the moment and trying different types of content and ideas like this diary entry. 

I try to incorporate positivity and optimism throughout my views in life and online, as I feel it is important to be this way and as this is who I am. We all have our "down days" and "sad times" but by cutting out unneeded negativity and even just reading some positive quotes every morning can change the outlook we have on things and help us see other perspectives. Personally though sometimes harder then it seems, I always try to find one good thing to come out of every bad situation, to learn and grow as a person.

Songwriting is another form of writing, thoughts, feelings, ideas and this is something that also makes me happy. I have recently started playing the guitar and finding beats for both editing and songwriting. So I can learn even more about this. Songwriting for me is fun and as I constantly listening to the way others write. I find it interesting the way words can be put together to say something. Songwriting is incredibly inspiring and something I love whether thats listening, reading others work or writing my own work.

11 Dec 2014

Christmas Comes Early // My Timberlands Review!

Today I am going to be reviewing a recent purchase of mine, I couldn't quite think of want I wanted for Christmas this year so I had a look through the things I wanted to purchase but never did. I then remembered that I actually wanted a pair of Timberlands. Originally I fell in love with the Authentic's in all black but having already had a pair many years ago of Pink and Denim Authentic and never really wore them I had to really think about this. I went into the shopping mall and ended up trying on these and fell in love - so ordered them. 

8 Dec 2014

Monday Motives! #3

6 Dec 2014

Favourite Five YouTube Video's of 2014!

Today I wanted to share a select few of my favourite creative video's from over the last year. I love how varied the content on the platform of YouTube can be and I find some of this content to be extremely inspiring. To some YouTube can be seen as a platform of many things, as we are learning and what I have found is that the presence of YouTube and YouTube personalities has grown incredibly over the last year alone. For example YouTuber Zoella AKA Zoe Sugg recently released her first novel with Penguin books and has now made records for the highest selling debut novel selling more then J.K.Rowling. For others and for myself, I enjoy YouTube for the fact that you can not only escape and get away for a bit, but because you can create and share absolutely everything and anything you want (within reason) with anyone around the world.

Bertie Gilbert Films // Cosmic Divide 

The first video I have chosen is a short film called 'Cosmic Divide' which was created by Bertie Bert Gilbert. I have watched Bertie grow as person, content creator and now a filmmaker and though this is one of his shortest projects, for me it is one of the best. This piece of film just found a space in my heart and left me touched, something about the city life, mixed with the context and concept behind the two characters and the way the story was told, left me no choice but to include this as a favourite video of this year. 

Troye Sivan // Becoming You

The second video I wanted to include was this one by YouTuber and music Artist Troye Sivan. The main message in this video is nothing but inspiring it is the message of "Life isn't about finding yourself it is about creating yourself''.

4 Dec 2014

My Winter Essentials!

As it is now the first week of December I thought It was only right that I talk about my current three Winter Essentials, rather then do a usual monthly favourites for the last month. The first two essentials in this blog are both my Simple Moisturiser and my Cherry Carmex lip balm. I absolutely love these two products, the moisturiser is great for my skin as I can find my skin has a fair amount of sensitivity to certain products and this doesn't seem to give me this problem. As for the Cherry Carmex not only does it work fantastic on soothing your lips in the winter it smells incredible to. 

Simple Moisturiser

1 Dec 2014

Monday Motives! #2