30 Apr 2015

never happy ever after (album & show review)

(Image - IC Media)

Last week I was lucky enough to be able to attend the album launch night for Pop Punk band As It Is, a relatively new signing to Fearless Records. I'll be honest I didn't get much footage from the launch, as I just wanted to enjoy the experience, but felt it was really worth writing about. As well as having their album as my weekly recommendation this week I thought, I would review both the debut album and the album launch party in a blog post...

27 Apr 2015

Monday Motives #21

25 Apr 2015

a work in progress (review)

I recently read 'A Work In Progress' and really enjoyed the read, so thought I would share it with those who read my blog. This book is a memoir by YouTube sensation Connor Franta and I know what your thinking another YouTuber's book, wrong. Connor's work is nothing short of creative and I really enjoy pretty much everything he creates and this has to be one of my favourites.

23 Apr 2015

an exclusive interview with doc brown

20 Apr 2015

Monday Motives #21

18 Apr 2015

nathan sykes live at bush hall!

This week I got to see Nathan Sykes former boyband member of The Wanted perform at his first solo headline tour at the brilliant venue of the Bush Hall in London. I have been a huge fan of Nathan's talents, since The Wanted come about a few years back. I have always believed he had an incredible voice, so I was expecting nothing but the incredible show he put on with his live band. 

16 Apr 2015

Lessons Learnt #3 - Anyone is reachable

As you may or may not notice I have had my #lessonslearnt blog posts rebranded. At the start of the year I decided I was going to rebrand my blog of which I have done and I was really happy with this, however overtime I wasn't as happy with the branding of this series, so I found a typographer on Instagram and I got in touch with her... 

13 Apr 2015

Monday Motives #20

11 Apr 2015

the secret to happiness!

As I write this, I am getting ready for a all-day shoot tomorrow, but I wanted to share this video as, I think it worth a watch. I really love the work Dan Mace is producing lately.  

9 Apr 2015

A song for you

Hope you enjoy today's post, I have been loving this song lately so thought I would share it on here. 

6 Apr 2015

Monday Motives #19

5 Apr 2015

Sunday Series... #4

4 Apr 2015

As You Grow (A Little Poem)

(Image: Steve Booker)

Thought I'd write a little poem for you to think about on this lovely Saturday, I am learning that happiness is not a destination and it comes from within... 

2 Apr 2015

london lions // throwback thursday!

I haven't done a throwback Thursday blog for a while so today, I wanted to throwback to last month. Last month I did some really cool things and this was one of them.