28 Dec 2014

My Year In Photo's // A Collection Of Memories! #2014

Sadly today concludes my 'Xmas Week' of blogging however I will of course still be blogging Monday, Thursday and Saturday throughout the whole of 2015!  Around this time last year I did a collection of memories blog post where I threw together some of my favourite memories and accomplishments of the last year. To kind of round up this week of blogging and the last year in general I decided I would do the same again. At this time of the year everybody including myself is keen to reflect on what has happened in the last year, the good, the bad, everything, in hope that we can learn from the past and what it has taught and bring from this to achieve even more in the next year. I started this weeks posts with the quote 'Progress Is A Beautiful Thing' because I think this sums up the season and the thoughts many people will be having. I think no matter how big or small your progress, every step is a step in the right direction. Everything we do will eventually lead us to where we want to be and our own destiny. 

These are just some of the memories of this year and I hope to have even more to share with you guy's come this time next year. I have a lot planned for my blog in the coming months from new series's to better content, photoshoots, studio sessions and more. 

I hope you enjoyed my daily blogging and festive fun, I am looking forward to sharing my experiences, thoughts, tips and more over the next year and growing as a blogger, designer, and entrepreneur. So thank you all for the love and support. I hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays and a massive Happy New Year to you all!

Live life, chase your dreams and have a Merry Xmas!
See you tomorrow. 

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