13 Dec 2014

What Makes Me Happy? // Diary Entry #1

Dear Diary,

So today is Saturday 13th of December 2014 and today I am writing my very first diary entry. If you haven't guessed by the title my entry is going to be about happiness and what makes me happy. I have curated a list of things that make me happy...

My Job
The first thing in my list is my job, editing, designing and creating is something I absolutely love and something that makes me happy so to be able to do this as my job is incredible! For me being creative and just using creativity enables you to express yourself in different ways and I love that and find happiness in doing so - I think this is why I am really enjoying blogging at the moment and trying different types of content and ideas like this diary entry. 

I try to incorporate positivity and optimism throughout my views in life and online, as I feel it is important to be this way and as this is who I am. We all have our "down days" and "sad times" but by cutting out unneeded negativity and even just reading some positive quotes every morning can change the outlook we have on things and help us see other perspectives. Personally though sometimes harder then it seems, I always try to find one good thing to come out of every bad situation, to learn and grow as a person.

Songwriting is another form of writing, thoughts, feelings, ideas and this is something that also makes me happy. I have recently started playing the guitar and finding beats for both editing and songwriting. So I can learn even more about this. Songwriting for me is fun and as I constantly listening to the way others write. I find it interesting the way words can be put together to say something. Songwriting is incredibly inspiring and something I love whether thats listening, reading others work or writing my own work.

This now leads me onto music - there is not a day that I do not listen to music and this can be a great "pick me up" because it can really enhance your mood. So whether its singing and having a party in your room to your playlists or actually going out and going to a concert, I recommend listening to music. I really love everything to do with music as music makes you feel good and it is something I am passionate about and enjoy.

Being Productive
There are 24 hours in a day and for me theres nothing better then feeling like you have used your time to be productive, to get yourself closer to where you want to be. So every night or every morning I write a list of things that I want to do that day to be productive. I find this helps me feel a little happier everyday and keeps me on focus to do everything I need and to get me to where I want to be. 

Going Out/London
I enjoy just going out, working from home is great and one of the pros to my job and owning my own company. However sometimes its nice to get out of the office and have a change of scenery. I find this often leads to inspiration. As inspiration is found from living, seeing and experiencing, and theres only so much of that you can do in your office. 

Family// Time Without Internet 
Spending time with those that actually love and support you and taking your time away from the online world. I blog three times a week and then I spend the majority of my time online as it is my career so it is important sometimes to switch off from the internet for a day or two especially over the weekend. To enjoy time with those around you and to live life and have some time doing what you want to do without the internet, as believe it or not that is what people used to do. 

So I guess that's some of the things that make me happy, I hope you enjoyed today's entry, I wanted to try out something different (yet again). I have had this idea a while to occasionally write in a diary entry format so thought I'd try that today. The series "Diary Entries" will continue throughout the year, but for now I'm signing out. Before I go, I wanted to let you know that I will be posting everyday for Christmas week starting Monday 22nd December. 

Live life and chase your dreams!
See you Monday. 

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