30 Mar 2015

Monday Motives #18

28 Mar 2015

Against the odds

So I'm back with another video from Dan The Director. Sometimes a video's just needed to be shared and this is definitely one of those. We as humans often want for things and have a lack of appreciation for what we already have...

26 Mar 2015

Brand new ati acoustic & a trip to universal music

As I write this I am actually getting ready to spend tomorrow filming again for my ATI series and I just wanted to take today, to reflect a little bit and to appreciate those moments that come around, the ones you don't truly expect to happen but when they do you are so thankful for them...

23 Mar 2015

Monday Motives #17

21 Mar 2015

My March Playlist!

So today, I wanted to share a few video's to some of the songs I have been loving recently, there's a range of genres in this post so there should be something for everyone. So enjoy the music I have posted and let me know in the comments what song's you are currently loving and share your music with me... 

16 Mar 2015

Monday Motives #17

15 Mar 2015

Sunday Series #3.... #MTYEK

As you know sometimes I post a spontaneous post on a Sunday and with a busy week ahead. I have updated my playlist and thought I would share one of my favourite songs. There's a lot of great content and music out at the moment and...

14 Mar 2015

LESSONS LEARNT #2 // 'Anything Can Happen In A Day...'

Today I thought I would do another Lessons Learnt post. So today I want to talk about how much can happen in a day let alone a year. “Anything can happen in a day, let alone a month,a year, or even two” These were my thoughts not that long ago and I thought I would write them down as they summed up a lot and so I thought I would put them in a little lessons learnt post. 

12 Mar 2015

MOBO Awards // WOW Festival at Southbank

Last Friday I was invited down to the Southbank Centre to go to the Women Of The World Festival in association with the MOBO Awards. If you read my blog you will know that as lover of all things music I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to go to this event... 

9 Mar 2015

Monday Motives! #16

7 Mar 2015

Letting Go...

As I didn't have a post planned for today I thought I'd post a video that I came across. When I came across this video I just wanted to share it. I really enjoyed watching it and really thought the message within was worth sharing... 

5 Mar 2015

Try Something New & The View From The Shard!

I wanted to post another 'Try Something New' blog with something really cool and different. So at the beginning of this year I booked to go up the tallest building in Western Europe. The Shard in London with my friend and at the end of January I did exactly that...

2 Mar 2015

Monday Motives #15

1 Mar 2015

Sunday Sessions... #3

So every Sunday when I have some new content to share with you guy's that I have enjoyed, I post it up on my blog. Now I have been loving this Afrobeats song and It has been stuck in my head since it came out a week ago. So I thought I would share it with you...