28 Sep 2015

monday motives #44

27 Sep 2015

Were Still Here!

26 Sep 2015

Lessons Learnt #6 - WE LIVE IN THE SAME WORLD!

We live in the same world. Everybody is out there trying to live our their dreams and make things happen, if we all took the time to remember that we all live in the same world, I think things would change. Help each other when help is needed..

24 Sep 2015

Zoella Beauty Update!

I previously wrote a blog post on Zoella Beauty which you can read here. As it was my birthday in September I actually received a few more of Zoellas products. As a designer I particularly love the branding and design of the beauty products. 

21 Sep 2015

monday motives #43

18 Sep 2015

Jumpers For Goalposts!

17 Sep 2015

My new iPhone case!

If you've read my blog for a while now, you will know I always love updating my iPhone case. I have gathered a little collection and this is one my favourites!

14 Sep 2015

mondya motives #42

12 Sep 2015

Thoughts of a genius!

This little note book was a birthday gift and although I am yet to write in it, I love having it on my desk as Inspiration to continue to write anything that comes into my head... 

10 Sep 2015

tori kelly live in london

Earlier this month I went to see Global SuperstarTori Kelly perform in London at Bush Hall. I love this venue, it's so intimate and the acoustics are really great. Tori's performance was insane! 

7 Sep 2015

monday motives #41

6 Sep 2015

miss understood

I've been loving this song this week, so thought I'd include it on my blog.

5 Sep 2015

you can begin anywhere

3 Sep 2015

stand tall leave your doubts behind.

Stand tall, leave your doubts behind. Open your heart and open your mind.