25 Jan 2014

January | Career Update

Hey everyone,

Sorry for not posting on Thursday, I have come to the decision that unless I have something interesting to post about then I will only post on a Saturday! If you would like to be notified as to when I will be publishing my blog post's please follow me on twitter, the link is below. 

Anyway, today I am going to be updating you with what has been going on work wise, since I last spoke to you. For the last week and a bit I have been working on a number of project's, some of which will be discussed in the near future, such as the launch of a summer range, for my clothing line #ushclothing. 

For now let me tell you about some of the projects I can discuss. In the last week I have been working closely with artist Connor Harris on poster designs for his new tour, which will be announced next Friday. 
I have also been working on a number of other projects but the one I want to tell you about is a logo design, for a company which included me having to create and design a character. As with many freelance projects, this was not initially what I was hired to do, but the project evolved and I designed the cute lil panda below. 

Here is part of my work process in creating an original character for a logo. 

Here is one of the two Panda's I created for the Logo.

I have also been completing some photoshop work, working on photo's for cleaner images. 

I also wanted to remind you guys, that in just under two week's on Friday the 7th of February I will be releasing the first episode of my series Aspire To Inspire, this series will include acoustic sessions, interview's, live show's, rehearsals  studio sessions, documentary's and more. The series will be up every Friday next month, and will be continuously added to through out the course of 2014. 

Each week will be better then the last! I have decided to put everything I have collected up, from video's people have sent over to me, to the video's that have been filmed by myself or one of my videographers. 

The reason I have decided to do things this way is because sometimes we as people feel that we cannot do things because we do not always have the resources to hand( I try not to let this hold me back). At the start of this project I found myself in this situation so I decided to find other ways to make the launch of this project possible for next month. 

I also want to show the progression of this project, rather then just uploading perfect outcomes, from the start. So as I continue this project through out the year, I can promise you interesting and original videos with many talented artists, and individuals. In experimenting with different way's to produce content for the series, I am now confident that I can produce the best possible series for you guys to watch, and enjoy!

 The best way to keep up to date with the series, would be to follow me on twitter or subscribe to my youtube channel!

Live life and chase your dream's!
See You Next Saturday, If not Thursday.