31 Jan 2015

Announcements... & USH Photoshoot Pics!

Here we are at the end of January... It sure has flown by and I have achieved and done so much in this month alone. I am super excited to announce in this post that I have been working on another issue of my magazine Aspire To Inspire which will be out in February/March. Over the last couple of months I made the decision to do another issue because of the success and growth of my online series ATI and because my design skills have improved since the last one. The reason I did the photoshoot for my clothing line at the beginning of the month was indeed for the magazine,  I was kind of waiting on this shoot and a few other bits to be able to announce this and finalise the magazine ready for you guys. I have some incredible features and collaborations in this edition which I am super proud of but will keep those a secret until the release post.

29 Jan 2015

My January Playlist!

So today, I wanted to share a few video's to some of the songs I have been loving recently, there's a range of genres in this post so there should be something for everyone. So enjoy the music I have posted and let me know in the comments what song's you are currently loving and share your music with me... Make sure you stay tuned for an announcement which is coming in Saturday's post...  

26 Jan 2015

Monday Motives #10

24 Jan 2015

Skull Candy Headphones | Reviews

Today I though I would review my Skull Candy headphones. As I listen to music every day when designing, editing and even when just relaxing I feel it is important to have the right pair of headphones. Headphones for me have to have many qualities. I actually got these as gift for my sister's birthday and since 'having a go' I haven't took them off. I usually alternate between In Ears and my Dre Beats as I find beats to be fairly uncomfortable over long periods of time. 

22 Jan 2015

Bruno Mars at Brixton Academy // Throwback Thursday!

Today is a bit of a throwback to a few years ago when I was lucky enough to see Bruno Mars at the Brixton Academy. To see him at such an intimate venue like this was amazing as being the Superstar he is now it would be unlikely that he will ever do these venues again. I was going through my old Laptop recently and I came across some pictures I took of him and other events and thought I would share them on my blog. I haven't done a Throwback post this year so thought why not. I absolutely love music and lately I have been really enjoying looking back on the old memories music has given me.

19 Jan 2015

Monday Motives #9

It's that day of the week again. Monday. Love it or hate it, here's some motivation to start your new week with. I truly believe in this... I think this is something we grow to learn as we go through life. 

17 Jan 2015

Zoella Beauty!

Today I wanted to review some of the products from Zoella's beauty line. Earlier this month I did a review on her book "Girl Online" which you can read here! and for Christmas I received some of her products as gifts. The two products I am going to discuss in this blog are the Fizz Bar and the Body Lotion. I have been using the body lotion pretty much the whole month, being January here in London it is still very cold and my hands are always drier then usual in the Winter. One thing I really like is that this soaks into your skin very quickly which in the past I have found some products similar to this, not to. Let's be honest no one wants to wait around for their lotion to dry. I also really love the neutral smell of this product. 

16 Jan 2015


Spontaneous Friday post, as I know I don't usually post on a Friday but as soon as I saw this video yesterday I knew I had to share it on my blog. I thought it was a really great thought provoking video about living your life and going on adventures! So check it out and let me know what you think about this video in the comments below.

15 Jan 2015

Little things I accomplished in 2014!

Today I wanted to talk about some little things I accomplished last year. I did a post on the things I wanted to achieve in 2014 and whilst I didn't do everything, I have now added those things to this years list, but here are a few things I did accomplish. Accomplishments are something to be proud of no matter how big or small they may be to you or to someone else. So firstly I wanted to talk about VEVO, I spoke about this before but during January of last year one of my first client projects was to create, design and animate a Lyric Video. This lyric video ended up on VEVO which was an incredible thing for me. You can read more about that in the post I wrote on this last year. 

The next thing I have wrote down is my first E-Book project. Around the middle of last year, I produced a FREE download which you can find in the top bar off my blog or here. "Inspire Inspire" this e-book was just a little something of original quotes and quotes that inspired me to keep for those who want to live out their dreams but sometimes need that extra inspiration... I think this book kind of inspired my Monday posts "Monday Motives". 

The next thing is hitting over 150,000 views on Google & YouTube this for me was quite cool, though it is not about numbers... it is nice to think people are actually checking out and maybe reading what you have to say/looking at what you do. I am now approaching a quarter of a million views and that sounds insane, to think people take there time to click on my profile or blog, means a lot and I appreciate this. 

I could go on all day about so many things but the last thing and I think the most important thing I have achieved within the last year is that of GROWTH. Growth for me is crucial part in life, when you grow you often gain but at the same time you often lose. 

12 Jan 2015

Monday Motives #8

11 Jan 2015

USH Clothing (Behind The Scenes Video)

I don't usually post on a Sunday but I wanted to share my latest video. So If you follow my blog, you would know that on Thursday I posted some BTS photo's from the photoshoot I did for my clothing line, USH Clothing. Whilst I was there, I also shot a little Behind The Scenes video so here it is! Thank you again to everyone who made this possible and helped!

10 Jan 2015

Lessons Learnt #1 // 'Just Go With It...'

So it being the first week of 2015, I wanted to introduce my first new series "Lessons Learnt". During the time of the years changing from old to new. For some, this is an opportunity for new chapters to begin and old ones to close. For me its not a case of a chapter ending but a continuation process, a new page in your book, of becoming better as a person, as a designer, blogger and everything in between. Over this time of reflecting, I came up with the idea of sharing Lessons that I have learnt in life, to give back and to maybe help some of you. So for the first post in this series, I wanted to say to you"Just Go With It" I mean this in terms of goals and dreams because sometimes just going with your ideas and running with a thought can lead to something really great and something you never thought could be created. 

Poem Below...

8 Jan 2015

USH Clothing Photoshoot (Behind The Scenes)

Today I wanted to share with you my Behind The Scenes photography from the USH Clothing Line Photoshoot I did last Saturday. I have been wanting to do this photoshoot for so long and I was meant to do this before Christmas, however this was moved to early January. Apart from my Blog photography I haven't arranged or done a photoshoot for a while. In fact since my last Aspire To Inspire magazine, so I was so excited to get back into this, I am really happy with the outcome of this photoshoot and wanted to say Thank you to those who helped out with the shoot and made it possible for me to do. 

5 Jan 2015

Monday Motives #7

3 Jan 2015

Girl Online the film? // Zoella Book Review!

Today I wanted to review fellow Entrepreneur Zoe Sugg's book Girl Online. I'll be the first to admit that I do struggle to get into books and over the last few years I haven't read all that many. When I was younger I used to read all the time and I guess grew out of it. At the moment I have currently just got back from a photoshoot in the city, so thought I would publish this little review on the book 'Girl Online'! 

As well as a review on Girl Online, I've also tried out a new background for today's blog post photo's to mix things up a little, I am not sure if this works as of yet but as it is nearly a week into the new year, I fancied a change and thought I would look at playing around with my photography a little and try out some new things. 

1 Jan 2015

Blog Re Design & Why I Started Blogging? #2015

So 2015... is here, Happy New Year! Firstly I wanted to mention my new blog design if you haven't noticed it already. I absolutely love it and I have been meaning to make my blog a little more user friendly and interactive for a while now but with work and everything else, I never got round to it. So I took some time over the Holidays at the end of year to do this.  

Now onto today's blog post which I'll be honest, I have been deliberating on as I didn't know which post to start this year with, having some time of reflection and a lot of idea's and content around this, I didn't know where to start. However, I knew I wanted to remind myself on the reasons why this blog came about and what I want to do with this blog and where I am heading. Over the last couple of months I have been doing a fair amount of product reviews, this is something I never set out to do. I set out this blog to share my creative work with potential clients and to collaborate with other creatives. I wanted a place other then my website to share diverse content, ideas and thoughts as I never had anywhere else to put these. So I created this online space for myself.