28 Jun 2014

Monthly Favourites | June 2014

Hey everyone,

It's that time again where I share with you my monthly fav's!


I feel it is only right that I start off this months favourites with none other then my current favourite album that has been on REPEAT since it came out and that is 'Multiply' by the incredibly talented Ed Sheeran.

My favourite song's on this album are currently 'Thinking Out Loud', 'Don't', 'Runaway' and 'Photograph'. I am really loving this album. I love the fact that Ed has kept his soul and acoustic persona but experimented with rap and hip hop elements and I really like this vibe from him. This will defiantly be my 2014 summer album.

Going with my Hip-Hop/Rap love I have another album to share with you that I have been loving. This album is 'Headliner' by artist Duane Flames.  

My personal favourites are 'What I do', 'USH March' 'Putting In Work' and 'My Inspiration'. This album is definitely worth checking out for those music lovers out there who appreciate real honest music, excellent lyrical content and great talent! 

You can have a listen to and purchase on I-Tunes here https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/headliner/id887957517


I have been loving tumblr, if you follow me on Instagram you will know that I do have a love for quotes and therefore have to include tumbler in this months favourites. I have also been loving 'Mextures' which is an App I use and one that I will be using in the future for my Instagram pictures. The third and final app I am going to mention this month is Netflix, I am excited to use this and get into some series's such as 'Orange Is The New Black'.


This month I have been loving Short-Films, being a creator of content and also watching content created by other creators, I enjoy watching Short-Films. I feel YouTube is a great platform for people to do their thing.. and there are video's out there that are entertaining.

The lighting, sound, script everything about this is intriguing and cleverly done. I really enjoyed this video.

Let me know what you have been loving this month and leave it in the comments below. 

Live life and chase your dreams!
See you on Saturday.

26 Jun 2014

Places To Visit In Kent | Guest Post

Hey everyone,

After my last blog 'thinking about what you are going to do this summer', check out this Guest Post if you are looking for ideas. Personally I love Leeds castle with its tranquil setting, maze, little boat trip and a chance to get on a Segway!

The Best Castles and Stately Homes to Visit with Kids and Young People in Kent

History needn't be boring. In fact, what with all the King's, Queen's, Knights and Pirates, there's something in the UK's unique and incredibly rich history that all children/young people will identify with. So why not take a trip to one of our amazing castles and stately homes this summer with the kids/friends and let your imaginations run wild? Some with the best facilities are:

Leeds Castle

Despite the name suggesting it's a castle in the northern city of Leeds, it is actually situated in the Kent countryside. This beautiful moated castle was once home to Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, however it now houses the world's only dog collar museum, along with many interesting artefacts from its history. The surrounding parklands are just amazing. You’ll find beautiful lakes, stunning walks, a maze and an underground grotto, falconry displays and some fantastic kids playgrounds. 

At The Knight's Realm Playground, kids can enjoy a scale model of the castle, climb the Maiden's Tower, scale the walls, cross the rope bridge, explore the secret tunnels underneath the castle and brave the aerial runway. The Squire's Courtyard Playground is perfect for younger children and is again shaped just like a castle, with slides, swings and towers to climb. You'll also find Go Ape, the treetop adventure trail, at the castle, along with a Segway experience, which offers the chance to tour the 500 acres of parkland surrounding this beautiful castle in a somewhat different manner. Add to that the amazing hot air balloon trips you can take from the grounds and you have a day out you won't forget in a hurry. 

(Photography lilcdesigns apart from the one on the right)

Hever Castle

Another beautiful castle that is so much more than just a castle. Here you'll find a fantastic maze that was planted in 1904 and has been popular with children and adults alike ever since. You'll also find a water maze  which will keep the kids happy for hours - just remember to bring a change of clothes for the kids! Skirts and summer dresses for girls and shorts and T shirts for the boys (and you if you have to go in after them) are fine on warm days. You'll find some great deals on skirts from George at Asda which are just perfect for keeping cool when you're running around after the kids in the summer heat. The water maze is lots of fun and is activated by stepping on certain stones along the path, so you can soak someone infront of you by stepping on a particular stone. Challenge the kids to make it round without getting wet and you'll keep them entertained for hours!

Other fantastic places to visit this summer with the kids in Kent are Penshurst Place, which has an excellent treetop play area, and Dover Castle where they'll love exploring the myriad of tunnels beneath the castle itself - some are said to go right beneath the town and into the legendary White Cliffs of Dover. With such an amazing history, Kent really is a wonderful place to visit with children to watch them experience and learn about history in a way only they know how. 
So grab your brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews then head out for a trip around an amazing castle.

Live life and chase your dreams.
See you Saturday!

24 Jun 2014

My Summer Journal! | 2014

Hey everyone,

Today, I wanted to talk to you about Summer 2014! After watching the YouTube video below, I was inspired to write this blog post. So I wanted to share with you guy's some of my Summer Journal and what I want to do this summer and hopefully encourage you to do the same! I thought this was a really good idea and way to be productive throughout summer, for most people school and uni is done and we all have more time on our hands. This time should be enjoyed and made the most of!

Some of things in my Summer Journal include.. 
  • Segway racing
  • Visit some where new
  • Get on the train and get off at a random stop
  • Watch the sunrise
  • Go on a riverboat cruise
However with that being said, I also wanted to share with you this quote that I came across earlier this month. I feel as though it is important to share this, because as young people with social media ever present in our lives. Sometimes we feel a pressure to always update our Instagrams, Facebook, Twitter etc and share everything with the world. Sometimes we forget to just enjoy the beauty of a moment and take in our experiences for ourselves.  

At the start of the year, I posted a blog saying that I wanted to make this year the best year I could, becoming 'Better' at everything I do. I also want to do things that I have wanted to do for a while and never done before. Some shared and some kept as memories for myself. I hope you enjoyed reading this post - let me know what your plans are for Summer 2014! 

Live life and chase your dreams.
See you Thursday!

14 Jun 2014

Plans For The Future | LILCDESIGNS

Hey everyone,

Today, I wanted to talk to you about the future of LILCDESIGNS and some of what I have planned, for the coming months. This not only allows me to let you guy's in on what I am working on but also allows me to keep focused and remember what I have to do. Sometimes when you have so many idea's and plans, it is hard to remember them all.  

Aspire To Inspire (Web Series)
If you have been reading my blog for a while or follow me on social media then you would know about my Web Series 'Aspire To Inspire'. ATI begun when I set out to find talented people with inspirational stories, to inspire our generation and the next to never give up on their dreams. I wanted to not only promote and share talent but also share stories. 

After much consideration and time out from this series due to working on other time consuming projects such as my website and other websites, I have had time to think about what I can do with my Web Series to continue inspiring and making a difference to peoples lives. I have decided that with the collaboration of artists and other creatives that are currently making an Impact in the industry, we could perhaps make a difference together!

The idea being that should the Artists, YouTubers and other Creatives that I collaborate with on the series, allow me to monetize the video's we film, then we can raise money for charity - the charity being of the persons choice.

I think this is great way to expand and grow my audience whilst trying to raise awareness or make money for charity - though I must say money is not my main priority for my series, I always want to inspire, however I thought this would make it better!

I would like to collaborate with Clothing Companies, Creatives, Businesses and other Entrepreneurs - Please get in touch and email me lilcdesigns@gmail.com if you are interested in working together.

USH Clothing
Another avenue that I am looking to progress in the next few months is my clothing line with USH Clothing, we will be collaborating with a number of artists in the near future. For this I hope it will progress the brand further, as well as collaboration, we are hopefully going to be producing a lot more designs for our range, with opportunity for photo-shoots, commercials and magazine features. 

(Photo Simon Brown - http://instagram.com/simon_drummer)

You can check out the clothing line on our website www.ushclothing.co.uk

City Living #PTE

City Living #PTE is another Web Series idea, I have also been working on and this will be a spontaneous video and blog idea, whereby I show you my favourite places around the world telling you why I love them and why they are important to me. I often enjoy reading other peoples blogs when they like to go and explore and I feel like this has inspired me for this series! I love creating and thinking up new idea's and I'm excited to explore this idea further. 

In fact, I really liked this video I saw this week 'My Happy Place' I felt that it could be a great starting point for my City Living #PTE Blog/Web Series.

I.N.S.P.I.R.E (E-Book)

Finally the last project you can expect to see in the near future is my E-Book 'I.N.S.P.I.R.E'. After looking back at my blog posts, I noticed that my readers seemed to have enjoyed my first Give Away Blog Post. So, me being all about inspiring others I have decided to create and design a mini E-Book for you all - free to download. I am excited to share this one with you as it is more like a keep sake, something you can look back through when your needing some inspiration. 

I hope this excites you to carry on with me on this journey, and if not then to join me.
Comment below what your most looking forward to seeing, I would love to know!

Live life and chase your dreams.
See you next Saturday

12 Jun 2014

Throwback Thursday | Music

Hey everyone,

So today I am going to do a Throwback blog post, last time I did this it was a childhood throwback, but this time I am going to take it back with the music I used to listen to. So, I don't know about you but I always have music on whether I am editing, or taking a shower, or just travelling. It is always on. I feel music can lift your spirits/mood and take away your troubles, helping you focus on the day and tasks in hand - that need to be done!

That being said sometimes I prefer to dig out my old MP3 or my first iPod and just play my old music on shuffle. It is inevitable that like everything else, music has also changed over the years, and it isn't quite what it is now, whether thats a good things or not, I am not so sure, there are positives and negatives. 

Without further a do here six tracks off my old playlists that I feel I can still listen to today and gain something from listening to them, whether thats a positive vibe or just a good sing song.
Hey There Deliah | Plain White T's

I love this song, I think the guitar elements and all round simplicity of this a track is just so beautiful! You could listen to this song any time, anywhere. 
Fast Car | Tracey Chapman 

I actually just love this track, I think it's definitely one of those timeless tracks that never get old, and you never get tired of listening to it. 

S Club 7 | Bring It All Back 


"Imagination is the key, cos you are your own destiny" is my favourite line is this song. I think this song is a real positive, uplifting song. Definitely one I'd recommend listening to for the lyrics. 

Don't Tell Me | Avril Lavigne 

American Boy | Estelle

So Sick | Ne-Yo

Big fan of Ne-Yo's work and I love the melody in this song - that's why I have included this one in today's throwback blog!

Why don't you leave me a comment and let me know what you listen to when you Throwback your music playlist - I would love to know, maybe you can share with me something I haven't heard or we can reminisce together in the comments below. 

Also the local community did a song for the World Cup 2014 which starts today - Which you can support by downloading on I-Tunes for charity!

Live life and chase your dreams!
See you Saturday

5 Jun 2014

Be Inspired | Harlem Elvis

Hey everyone,

So today I just wanted to share with you a video that I came across last month. I found it very inspiring and thought some of you may do as well - Enjoy!

Live life and chase your dreams.
See you Saturday