23 Dec 2014

My Not So X-Mas Playlist & Decorating The Tree!

Here we are with the second blog for Xmas Week. Today I wanted to share with you my 'not so xmas' playlist as well as some festive photo's from decorating the tree in our house this year. The holiday season for me and i'm sure many others is a time to spend with those you love and enjoy some time away from 'the grind' (If you're lucky enough). 

Every so often I do a playlist post however my December playlist is not as you would expect as I do not tend to listen to christmas music much, so when it came to a playlist this time of the year I thought I would still put one together. Which you can check out below along with these very festive images I took the other day when putting up the tree. 

Decorating The Tree

My Not So X-Mas Playlist

1. Chip - Im Fine
2. Emma Blackerry - Undercover Lover 
3. Bethany Leadley - Safe Lined 
4. Jody Brock - Stranger
5. Duane Flames - Where I Call Home
6. Justin Bieber - Christmas Love 
7. One Direction - Ready To Run  
8. Ben Haenow - Something I Need
9. Emma Blackerry - Next To You
10. Jake Quickenden - I Met Her On A Train
11. Jessie J - Masterpiece 
12. Taylor Swift - Blank Space
13. Iggy Azelea - Impossible Is Nothing 
14. Jake Quickden - When You Make It 
15. Definitive - See If I Care 

My playlist may just be a little untraditional for this time of the year, however I hope you enjoyed today's post. I had to include some music for the festive season... I am really enjoying my holidays and blogging everyday so far, I think it is really fun however I do give credit to those who do this all year round as that really would be a challenge! 

Live life, chase your dreams, have a Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays!
See you tomorrow. 

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