31 Dec 2015

A look back on the year of 2015!!

A look back on the year of 2015, here is a collage of some of favourite memories of the last year. I'll be honest this picture is a snippet of the year I have had and I am so excited for 2016!!!!

28 Dec 2015

Start each day with a grateful heart!

Always. No matter where your life is at or how you are feeling, there's always someone worse off then you, in a situation that is more difficult then yours. Always have a grateful heart. 

27 Dec 2015


For one week from today Sunday 27th Deeember to January 3rd, I am doing a xmas discount on all my media and design services with the code "lilcxmasgiveback"

26 Dec 2015

Christmas Movies // X-mas Week!!!

Boxing Day, the perfect day for films and I wanted to share two of my favourite films with you on this blog post. My two fav x-massy films are Home Alone and Cool Runnings.

25 Dec 2015

THE TIME IS NOW // X-Mas Week!

I already had posts scheduled for the last few day's as it's X-Mas week where I post daily on my blog but I thought I'd share this beautiful video I shot with Marianna, hope you enjoy!!!

24 Dec 2015

Christmas Haul // X-mas Week!!

23 Dec 2015

Christmas Playlist // X-Mas Week!!!

This year I am listening to #blueneighbourhood and this has been on my December playlist along with a track called 'Powerful' on the Empire soundtrack album and 'Purpose' by Justin Bieber.

22 Dec 2015

A Christmas Poem // X-mas Week!!

Now I did in fact post this poem last year, but I felt it still represented the way I feel at this time of the year, hope you enjoy it for those who have not read it and for those that have I hope it reminds you of how important appreciation and time is over all the other things in the world.

21 Dec 2015

Monday Motives // X-Mas Week!!!!

19 Dec 2015


So I posted a BRAND NEW Aspire to Inspire acoustic video with the very talented Harry Strange. This was recorded a little while back and I thought what a perfect time too give you some new video's as well as a lot of blog posts this December.

17 Dec 2015

Nottinghill Photoshoot!!

Had so much fun on this shoot and the colors within these images are beautiful, cold day but well worth it for the shots we got in this one.

14 Dec 2015

Stop thinking and just let it happen

10 Dec 2015


Travel within and without, explore the world, travel the world, live love and laugh. Poem Below:

Bethan Leadley - EP Launch! #AAA

Last month I got to attend the world famous 'Barfly' in Camden and shot Bethan Leadley's EP Launch event, this evening was a great memory for me for many reasons.

7 Dec 2015

Monday Motives #51 // Focus On The Good!!

So many times in life we get caught up, don't remember to focus on all that is good in life!

5 Dec 2015

Working at home tips!!!

So today, I am posting my tips for those of you that work from home. Working from home has it's ups and downs as does anyone jobs and as does any life but here's what I learnt!!

4 Dec 2015

BTS Video & New Photography - Portfolio Update!!!

It's been long over-due since I updated my photography portfolio, so here are a few from shoots I did as well as a little video from the shoot. I am excited to continue sharing even more content throughout December - So stay tuned!!