31 Oct 2016


I uploaded three new video's to my YouTube channel that I filmed a few months ago, I appreciate all the love with the web series and there's so much more to come with ATI!!!

25 Oct 2016


19 Oct 2016

they say change takes time

18 Oct 2016

I really believe in love

Really love everything about this, the video, the song, Nathan's vocals are always inciredble!!

17 Oct 2016

The time is now

This is actually a quote I love from a song I love called the Time Is Now by artist Marianna Zappi. When I first heard this song it resonated with me and the more I listen to it, the more I love it, I love consciousness music, music with a message and this is the kind of message we should live by.

15 Oct 2016

Sapphire at the 02 arena

A couple of months back I took some photo's of the incredibly talented Sapphire and I thought I would share some on my blog whilst I was looking through and reminiscing at the year so far!!

13 Oct 2016


Sometimes all that's needed in life is a change in the mindset, the way in which we think and the things we tell ourselves. If you're not content, then think about what you tell yourself and find a way to make light of every situation that occurs, though it's not always easy, we can sometimes we feel better about things, simply by changing the way in which we are thinking!!

12 Oct 2016

Giving Up On You

I am getting a lot of love from blogging again, so I thought I would share a song from a friend of mine. She is incredibly talented and I am blessed to know her, this is Marianna's track Giving Up On You from her brand new ep #untameable coming out soon, let me know your thoughts!!

11 Oct 2016

Overnight EP Review!!

I have been loving the new 'Overnight' EP by Jake Miller recently, great music, one of my favourites being Astronaut and Could've Been Me. What I really liked alongside the music was the visual campaign around the EP with the short films for a couple of the tracks , they are a great teaser into the EP and really sell the project. This is a different project to what Jake has released previously, but I really enjoyed it!! Check out the visuals below... 

9 Oct 2016

Be Confident

Too many days are spent wasted comparing to others and wishing to be something or someone we arent. Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses. It's only when you accept everything you are and aren't you will truly succeed. Fall in love with you are and find out who your meant to be!!

7 Oct 2016

Get out of your head...

I found this quote online earlier this month and I really wanted to put it somewhere, so I thought I would put it on my blog. I feel like this is a great space to put things that resonate with me and a place for things to put that not always work related but are still "me" in one some way.

6 Oct 2016

Were all divers...

Definitely one of my favourites from this session, I had a great time filming with Ben many months ago and decided to release this session whilst in the process of working some exciting things.