19 Apr 2014

What Am I Listening To | April Playlist

Hey everyone,

Today I am going to blog about what I am currently listening to. I would like to share with you guy's my April Playlist. Below is a playlist of some of the song's I have been loving this month! This one's probably a bit more mainstream and within the 'POP' genre of music but I do try to diversify what I listen to. I love good music especially when the sun is shining, and Summer is upon us!

1. The Vamps - Last Night (I also recommend there debut album, it's a great listen)

2. Ed Sheeran - Sing 
3. Austin Mahone - Mmm Yeah Ft Pitball
4. Duane Flames - I Don't Wanna Be 
5. Bruno Mars Ft Travis - Billionaire 
6. Luke Towler - How You Make Me Feel
7. Matty B Ft Coco Jones -Flying High 
8. Luke Towler - Caribbean Sea 
9. Jake Miller - Collide
10. One Direction - You And I 
11.Mike Hough - Better (I know this one was in my December playlist but It is such a feel good song that I just had to include it again - Definitely one to be listening to all year round)

Hopefully you will enjoy this playlist of music as much as I do, let me know in the comment's below what you have been listening to and loving as I would love to check out some new music! 

Live life and chase your dreams!
See you next Saturday.

12 Apr 2014

Dappy Indigo 02 | Gig Review

Hey everyone, 

So on Thursday 10th April, I got to attend musician Dappy's show at the Islington 02 in London. It was an incredible show, Dappy performed a number of song's throughout his set, ranging from such hits as 'No Regrets' to his famous 'Tarzan' freestyles, to some new exclusive material from his highly anticipated next solo album 'Miracles'. The former N-dubz member really showed off his versatility and vocal range as an artist from rapping to singing. The atmosphere was amazing and the crowd went crazy for Dappy, and sang every word of each song he performed. They really showed a lot of love and dedication for him, which was nice to witness. 

(LILCDESIGNS | Photography)

Below you can watch a video of some of the highlights of the show. 

( Link Up TV Video | Dappy live at the Indigo 02)

Live life and chase your dreams.
See you next Saturday!

5 Apr 2014

London | Exploring My City

Hey everyone, 

So this week I spontaniously went to see the Olympic Park. I spend a lot of my time in London at music events, and having been to Westfields to shop around a few times I wanted to do something different. So I decided I would take the chance to explore and get to know my city in different aspects, and this week I decided to go to some iconic places. 

(Photography | LILCDESIGNS)

As you are probably aware, two years ago this summer the Olympics 2012 was held in London. I did actually watch the Olympics every day, and got really into it. So two years later I was excited to learn that some of the facilities are open to the public to view and use. So I had to take the opportunity to experience some of this history which has taken place in London. I visited the London Aquatic Centre, where the water sports took place. It was an incredible atmosphere to be in. 

I'm looking forward to exploring more of London throughout the summer. There are always things to do in my city and sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live in London, and how much there is still to experience in the place I live. 

Also I wanted to let you know about this weeks interview for my series Aspire To Inspire, (if you haven't seen it yet!). I have uploaded the second ATI Interview with you-tuber 
'Mazzi Maz'. 

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Live your life and chase your dreams!
See you Saturday