30 Nov 2015

Enjoy the little things!

Life can be unfair, life can be complicated, it can be hard but it can be easy. During your journey in this life, you must remember to enjoy the little things. One day you release the little moments are the most important moments of your life as they all add up. 

28 Nov 2015

golden wonder // bath bomb review!!

I've been working behind the scenes on a lot of cool projects, developing and growing as a creative and every once in a while I like to take a couple of hours to have a relaxing bath with a bath bomb. Golden wonder was so shimmery and pretty, take a look!

26 Nov 2015

November favourites!

I know I've been quiet on my blog post recently, I posted a positive and uploading quote every-day at the start of the month to inspire you and those seem to have been received really well. Another one of my most popular blogs is favourites so I have one for you! 

23 Nov 2015

Courage is making something happen.

There's something about this quote that resonates with me. I really believe this to be true, sometimes we as humans hope for things to happen and we believe they can but we never take action. In taking action on hope and belief we can achieve almost anything our hearts desire.

19 Nov 2015

Do what you love /// new iPhone case!

(Images taken by myself) 

I recently got a new phone, so naturally I had too upgrade my phone case too. If you read my blog you would know I quite like phone cases and I had a little collection. It takes me a while to get something I like but his time I wanted something positive and uplighting, something that could sit on my desk whilst I work and this was the one I brought.

16 Nov 2015

It's all about positivity!

It's all about positivity and if you read my blog or know me, you'll know I try to look for the good in the bad. Without rain you can't have sun and I truly believe if you set your mindset to think in this perspective, situations can often be dealt with a little easier if you just believe in the worst of everything. 

14 Nov 2015

Purpose - album review!!

Today I wanted to review Justin's new album #purpose now before you click off before reading, if you enjoy good music with positive lyrics then give this album a chance, you might be surprised.

12 Nov 2015

Today I choose happiness!

11 Nov 2015

Choose to shine!!

10 Nov 2015

People laughed and doubted me!

9 Nov 2015

Monday Motives #50

8 Nov 2015

Just do the work!

7 Nov 2015

even the darkest nights will end!

6 Nov 2015

Life is about having fun!!

5 Nov 2015

a night with geko

2 Nov 2015

monday motives #49