26 Dec 2014

December Favourites!

Can you believe it? I am now mid way through my daily blogging Xmas week. It has been so much fun. I hope you all had a great Christmas yesterday, I know I did I actually had a little internet detox and it was nice and refreshing. Today I wanted to do a monthly favourites blog as I haven't done one in a few months.  I really enjoy reading favourites posts within other blogs so like to include mine in my blog.

To Do Lists!!

For the last few months in particular I have been loving using a white board. Using a white board has become part of my daily routine, whereby every night I write down a 'To Do' list for the following day. This helps in feeling like you are closer to what you need to do and achieve and you get a sense of satisfaction throughout the day as you can tick things off your lists. 


When I was younger, I used to love to read and this month and the last I have been trying to get back into books. I like Inspirational books and stories such as the Ed Sheeran 'A Visual Journey' which you see pictured above, as quite often it is inspiring to know that these people that are now hugely successful all started from where people like myself are. 


This kindly leads me onto my next point. I love to learn... During the Christmas period as a owner of your own company and I'm sure in the industry in general things can slow down. So at first I wasn't sure how to use my time and then I remember just how much I really love to learn. So I set about learning some new skills and softwares to take my career to the next level over the next year or so.  

iPhone Screen Protectors

I may or may not of mentioned these before. But I am sure we have all dropped our phones, or wished we had protected and cared for them better. Well these iPhone protectors are actually the best ones I have used. From the fact they can protect your phone, to the fact they feel as if there is nothing there and aren't rough and sharp like some others are. 

Fizzy Drinks X Sweets

During the Christmas time and during the year I tend to find myself drinking Tropical Sun Exotic and I don't know why I haven't included this sooner as I love it, and if I go into the local shop I do tend to pick this up. Also included in this post are Fizzy Fangs these are little sugary sweets that my Nan buys me and my sister when she goes shopping and so these are included in here because I love them!

Comfy Jumpers

Of course we are coming to the end of December so it was only right that I included some comfy jumpers, I have been loving getting out of the shower and snuggling up in a comfy jumper to watch films, write blogs, edit and just do everyday things that I do in warmth and comfort. 


Headphones... As a media company owner and blogger, I am always going to need a quality pair of headphones and this month I have been loving my Skull Candy Headphones  they are incredible... I won't say to much though as I have done a full post on them which is coming out early next month.

Mous Case

It's not a monthly favourites if I do not include my latest iPhone case. Mous were kind enough to send me Retro version of their product and since I got it, it hasn't come off my phone. I did a full review on the product here. Check them out and if you are also tired of tangled headphones?


Finally I have been loving my Timberlands, they are so comfortable and warm and I just love wearing them. There's just something about a good pair of boots at this time of the year that makes me happy... I would definitely recommend getting these. I did a full review on them earlier this month so check that out here. 

Live life, chase your dreams and have a Merry Xmas!
See you tomorrow. 

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