25 Dec 2014

Winter Wonderland // Xmas Week!

Today I wanted to talk about something festive (again, lol) but over the holidays London just gets better and I was lucky enough to go to Winter Wonderland and to some of the Christmas Markets this year, so I wanted to talk about these days and share my experiences with you. I'll be honest I have wanted to post this post since I went but thought there was no better date to post it then on the day of Christmas, where everybody is spending time with those they love, opening gifts and sitting around the fire, chilling out and enjoying the day with each other. 

Now I must admit the idea of Winter Wonderland did kind of scar me a little bit, due to the amount of people that would be there. As I can find busy places to be quite an anxious experience (suffering from a little anxiety here and there) but it wasn't actually too bad and I really enjoyed the day. I really enjoyed my day out here at Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland and would definitely recommend checking it out, even if your a little anxious like myself as there is nothing to worry about. "Don't let the fear stop you let it motivate you"

I hope you enjoyed this post and are having a wonderful time throughout the holidays. Remember christmas is not about materialistic things like gifts, it is about giving your time to those who love you and of those you love. Enjoy these two videos as well!

Live life, chase your dreams and have a Merry Xmas and Happy holidays!
See you tomorrow. 

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