28 Aug 2014

Seven Seas, Seven Swims, One Reason!

Hey everyone,

Today's blog is a little different to usual, but I think it is important to experiment with content. I want to try out new idea's on my blog, to see what works and what doesn't. So today I wanted to write about something that I have not really thought about too much until I started watching this campaign that is currently going on across the world, shown and documented on YouTube and in newspapers over the world. 

Ocean advocate and British endurance swimmer 'Lewis Pugh' is currently under taking 'Seven Swims', in seven sea's around the world. Today he will finish the seventh swim in London in the North Sea. 

The reason he is doing this campaign is for 10% of the world’s seas - both around countries and on the high seas - to be declared marine protected areas by 2020 to safeguard fish and other wildlife. 

“If we don’t do something about it, we’re going to be living in a world devoid of wonder and beauty, and frankly not sustainable. If we’ve achieved it on land, we can do it in the sea.”
'Lewis Pugh'

Lewis Pugh is very inspirational, he is another example of someone who is chasing after their dreams and doing what they love and what they want to do. Not only is he doing this but he is doing this for a good cause, something he believes in, something that we know needs to change. I think it is important to be an example to others, to do your own thing and do something to try and make a difference to raise the profile for environmental issues. Lewis has inspired me greatly with this campaign, to continue to do my own thing and continue believing and working hard. 

(All photographs belong to Lewis Pugh & Kelvin Trautman)

I think the web series that has been created alongside the campaign, shows the dedication and passion of the team that are working on it and it elements the reason behind the seven swims. I think it beautifully shot and edited by film maker Ben Brown a former YouTuber, who's work is ever growing and always beautiful to watch!

I would advise you to check out the web series and learn more about Oceans and Conservation. You can watch the latest of the Swim's here!

For more on Lewis and what he does feel free to visit his website!

Live life and chase your dreams!
See you Saturday.