28 Feb 2015

January & Feb Favourites!

I thought I would put together another monthly favourites and combine all the things I have been loving throughout the year of 2015 so far as I havent done yet. 

26 Feb 2015

A Little Lush Haul!

I wanted to do a Lush Haul, from some of the Christmas Gifts I was lucky enough to receive back in December. I got a few Lush products and thought I would share my thoughts on them...  

23 Feb 2015

Monday Motives #14

21 Feb 2015

Introducing Jody Brock #ATI

Here is the casual interview I filmed with Jody Brock a few months back, check it out... 

19 Feb 2015

Aspire To Inspire Magazine Released & Collaborations Revealed

Finally I can share with you the second issue of my magazine Aspire To Inspire. I have been wanting to share this for a while now but wanted to make it perfect before I did.  So here it is... http://issuu.com/lilcdesigns

16 Feb 2015

Monday Motives #13

15 Feb 2015


14 Feb 2015

Happy Valentines Day!

12 Feb 2015

A Valentine Poem!

9 Feb 2015

Monday Motives #12

8 Feb 2015

It's Sunday / My Sunday Series... #1

I wanted to release a little Sunday Series, as I feel this is when many bloggers post and also this is the time in which most people get to relax and spend time to doing what they want to do and for me this is listening to music and catching up with YouTube. 

7 Feb 2015

ATI Magazine Cover Revealed & A New ATI Acoustic!

So here it is the official cover to the second issue of my magazine Aspire To Inspire... If you carry on reading you can also be one of the first to see the first ATI Acoustic with the talented Jodie Lea from the BBC's new documentary Southside Story.

5 Feb 2015

A Visual Journey - Lights Of Soho!

Last month I went down to the Lights Of Soho gallery... this was my visual journey.

2 Feb 2015

Monday Motives #11