6 Dec 2014

Favourite Five YouTube Video's of 2014!

Today I wanted to share a select few of my favourite creative video's from over the last year. I love how varied the content on the platform of YouTube can be and I find some of this content to be extremely inspiring. To some YouTube can be seen as a platform of many things, as we are learning and what I have found is that the presence of YouTube and YouTube personalities has grown incredibly over the last year alone. For example YouTuber Zoella AKA Zoe Sugg recently released her first novel with Penguin books and has now made records for the highest selling debut novel selling more then J.K.Rowling. For others and for myself, I enjoy YouTube for the fact that you can not only escape and get away for a bit, but because you can create and share absolutely everything and anything you want (within reason) with anyone around the world.

Bertie Gilbert Films // Cosmic Divide 

The first video I have chosen is a short film called 'Cosmic Divide' which was created by Bertie Bert Gilbert. I have watched Bertie grow as person, content creator and now a filmmaker and though this is one of his shortest projects, for me it is one of the best. This piece of film just found a space in my heart and left me touched, something about the city life, mixed with the context and concept behind the two characters and the way the story was told, left me no choice but to include this as a favourite video of this year. 

Troye Sivan // Becoming You

The second video I wanted to include was this one by YouTuber and music Artist Troye Sivan. The main message in this video is nothing but inspiring it is the message of "Life isn't about finding yourself it is about creating yourself''.
I really agree and believe this, I think life is too short for you to be any less than who you want to be and for you to do anything but what you want to do. I actually found a quote online the other day which said "To wish to be anyone but you is a waste of you" which resonated with me and brought me back to this video and how I felt when I watched this, I love this video and look to it when I need to find some inspiration. 

JacksGAP // YOU

If you have followed me or my blog for a while you would know that I have supported the YouTube channel that is known as JacksGAP for the last few years. This channel has taken some criticism this year for the 'change' and 'growth' of its content and I guess for being different to the majority of the YouTube "norm". For me I think this is a little unfair as I feel like when it comes to YouTube many creators are conformed to the same content/tag video's and same idea's with the channel JacksGap and many others I have listed, I am able watch to not only watch the "norm" but also to see innovative and original idea's and great content and the spread of positivity through a medium and power of having a large following. This is something I strive to portray in my own work and hope that comes across in what I do. 

Joey Graceffca // Ethereal 

The second short film in my list of favourite YouTube video's of the year is 'Ethereal'. The short film Ethereal left me wanting to see more, I have been watching Joey for a while now and I even included his work in last years favourites here. For me as a creator I enjoy concepts so when I see something different or something I like it is usually based on the conceptual story. I do feel that this short film could be expanded and maybe produced into a web series maybe something similar to Story Tellers as I feel that it was a bit to short and incomplete as an idea and could have been elaborated. However I am loving watching Joey grow as an actor and I expect big things from him in the near future.

Connor Franta // Life Doesn't Wait 

Lastly is actually one of my personal favourites in this collection of videos. "Life Doesn't Wait" by YouTuber Connor Franta. I love Connor's Work, always have and I think he has a great artistic eye which is what sets him apart from others in the same field. The artistic shots, use of poetry and worded voice over similar to Troye's 'Becoming You' video is absolutely beautiful, it really sets the tone. I think what was most inspiring about this video was the message behind it. It for me put things into another perspective. As people we are powerful in the sense that we are able to share information and life experiences we have had and allow others to view our perspectives and learn from us as we would to them and I definitely learnt a lot from this video. Comment below let me know what you think!

Live life and chase your dreams!
See you Monday. 

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