30 Apr 2015

never happy ever after (album & show review)

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Last week I was lucky enough to be able to attend the album launch night for Pop Punk band As It Is, a relatively new signing to Fearless Records. I'll be honest I didn't get much footage from the launch, as I just wanted to enjoy the experience, but felt it was really worth writing about. As well as having their album as my weekly recommendation this week I thought, I would review both the debut album and the album launch party in a blog post...
The album launch was so much fun, I had a great time. The energy in the performance and within the crowd was so contagious, so even if you weren't familiar with the music, I felt like you could still enjoy the show and get into it! It was honestly just so much fun and I haven't been to a show as energetic as this in sometime. Sometimes show's can be quite structured and the audience doesn't always get into the show with the artists as much as they should, but this album launch was nothing short of a huge "party" - everyone was having so much fun, singing, jumping and dancing and I think I can safely say it is one of the best show's I've seen and been too and I've seen many music concerts and shows over the years. If you do get the chance to, then I would definitely head to a As It Is show.

My favourite tracks from the album at the moment are Concrete, Soft Speak and Dial Tones I also love the track Can't Save Myself which is on the EP they released prior to this album. It would be nice to work with the band in the future and I wish them all the success beyond the debut album, which debuted Top 40 overall in the UK charts this week! 

You can still pick up their debut album #neverhappyeverafter on I-tunes here! 

Live life and chase your dreams!
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