11 Dec 2014

Christmas Comes Early // My Timberlands Review!

Today I am going to be reviewing a recent purchase of mine, I couldn't quite think of want I wanted for Christmas this year so I had a look through the things I wanted to purchase but never did. I then remembered that I actually wanted a pair of Timberlands. Originally I fell in love with the Authentic's in all black but having already had a pair many years ago of Pink and Denim Authentic and never really wore them I had to really think about this. I went into the shopping mall and ended up trying on these and fell in love - so ordered them. 

Over the winter I think it is important to get some "Boots" to keep your feet warm. These are great for Warmth and Comfort and I absolutely love going out just to wear them. I would definatley recommend considering getting a pair for yourself this winter. 

Live life and chase your dreams!
See you Saturday. 

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