30 Jul 2015

rumors ep rview

I did a blog post a long time ago on US artist Jake Miller which you can read here! Jake recently dropped a brand new surprise EP called #Rumors and I wanted to review it!

27 Jul 2015

Monday Motives #35

25 Jul 2015


Another video I really enjoyed this month, so thought I'd post it up... Let me know your thoughts!

23 Jul 2015

jake quickenden live!

Went to see Jake perform last week at the Islington 02 Academy...

20 Jul 2015

Monday Motives #34

18 Jul 2015

Aspire to inspire - ISSUE 3 HERE!

I am pleased to share with you Issue 3 of ATI Magazine - http://issuu.com/lilcdesigns

16 Jul 2015

Dear Me!

I enjoyed this video so I thought I'd share it on today's post...

13 Jul 2015


11 Jul 2015

issue 3 of aspire to inspire revealed!

ATI Magazine is back with it's third issue out next Saturday the 18th July. I will be posting a feature a day for the next week... Get ready. All will be revealed throughout the week! 

9 Jul 2015

throw to paris / paris at sunset

A quick throwback to my adventures in Paris. Announcement coming Saturday! 

6 Jul 2015


4 Jul 2015


I wanted to bring to attention a campaign that was shared with me this week by a good friend and fellow blogger and it caught my attention. 

2 Jul 2015

I went strawberry picking

Last year I did a blog post on things to do this Summer, so as we are now in July there will be a range of summer related blog post. Stay safe, have fun and make this summer the best one yet.