17 Jan 2015

Zoella Beauty!

Today I wanted to review some of the products from Zoella's beauty line. Earlier this month I did a review on her book "Girl Online" which you can read here! and for Christmas I received some of her products as gifts. The two products I am going to discuss in this blog are the Fizz Bar and the Body Lotion. I have been using the body lotion pretty much the whole month, being January here in London it is still very cold and my hands are always drier then usual in the Winter. One thing I really like is that this soaks into your skin very quickly which in the past I have found some products similar to this, not to. Let's be honest no one wants to wait around for their lotion to dry. I also really love the neutral smell of this product. 

As for the Fizz Bar, I particularly love the concept off this product. The fact that it looks like a chocolate bar and you can break it up and use it multiple times is a great feature. With products from such shops as Lush it's a lot harder to break up their Bath Bombs and use more then once. I love this Fizz Bar and it's really great for a nice bit of relaxation time during the week, after a long day or when you fancy a pamper evening for yourself.

As a designer myself, I also wanted to talk Packaging, I loved the packaging design of her products, I feel they are quite personal to the Zoella brand and are generally very really cute. I would definitely recommend checking out these products if you haven't already already done so. If you have tried out the Zoella beauty range let me know what you think in the comments below. 

Live life and chase your dreams!
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