31 Jan 2015

Announcements... & USH Photoshoot Pics!

Here we are at the end of January... It sure has flown by and I have achieved and done so much in this month alone. I am super excited to announce in this post that I have been working on another issue of my magazine Aspire To Inspire which will be out in February/March. Over the last couple of months I made the decision to do another issue because of the success and growth of my online series ATI and because my design skills have improved since the last one. The reason I did the photoshoot for my clothing line at the beginning of the month was indeed for the magazine,  I was kind of waiting on this shoot and a few other bits to be able to announce this and finalise the magazine ready for you guys. I have some incredible features and collaborations in this edition which I am super proud of but will keep those a secret until the release post.

I'm so excited to share this magazine publication and the collaborations within this... I am also excited to let you guy's know that I will be releasing the first ATI Acoustic on Saturday 7th Feb as well as the magazine cover. I have a-lot of video and blog content to come these next few months. So thank you for all the love and support!

Model - Simon Alexander Brown (Twitter | Instagram)

Photographer - Miss Charley Jean (Twitter | Instagram)

BTS / Art Direction - LILCDESIGNS (Twitter Instagram)

Clothing Line - USH (Twitter, InstagramWebsite)

Live life and chase your dreams!
See you Monday.

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