15 Jan 2015

Little things I accomplished in 2014!

Today I wanted to talk about some little things I accomplished last year. I did a post on the things I wanted to achieve in 2014 and whilst I didn't do everything, I have now added those things to this years list, but here are a few things I did accomplish. Accomplishments are something to be proud of no matter how big or small they may be to you or to someone else. So firstly I wanted to talk about VEVO, I spoke about this before but during January of last year one of my first client projects was to create, design and animate a Lyric Video. This lyric video ended up on VEVO which was an incredible thing for me. You can read more about that in the post I wrote on this last year. 

The next thing I have wrote down is my first E-Book project. Around the middle of last year, I produced a FREE download which you can find in the top bar off my blog or here. "Inspire Inspire" this e-book was just a little something of original quotes and quotes that inspired me to keep for those who want to live out their dreams but sometimes need that extra inspiration... I think this book kind of inspired my Monday posts "Monday Motives". 

The next thing is hitting over 150,000 views on Google & YouTube this for me was quite cool, though it is not about numbers... it is nice to think people are actually checking out and maybe reading what you have to say/looking at what you do. I am now approaching a quarter of a million views and that sounds insane, to think people take there time to click on my profile or blog, means a lot and I appreciate this. 

I could go on all day about so many things but the last thing and I think the most important thing I have achieved within the last year is that of GROWTH. Growth for me is crucial part in life, when you grow you often gain but at the same time you often lose. 

And that concludes this little accomplishment post, I think we should take some time to rewind the button a bit on life and look back and what have achieved. There are some more of my achievements coming in the next few months as I have a few announcements to make about future projects. 

Live life and chase your dreams!
See you Saturday.

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