1 Jan 2015

Blog Re Design & Why I Started Blogging? #2015

So 2015... is here, Happy New Year! Firstly I wanted to mention my new blog design if you haven't noticed it already. I absolutely love it and I have been meaning to make my blog a little more user friendly and interactive for a while now but with work and everything else, I never got round to it. So I took some time over the Holidays at the end of year to do this.  

Now onto today's blog post which I'll be honest, I have been deliberating on as I didn't know which post to start this year with, having some time of reflection and a lot of idea's and content around this, I didn't know where to start. However, I knew I wanted to remind myself on the reasons why this blog came about and what I want to do with this blog and where I am heading. Over the last couple of months I have been doing a fair amount of product reviews, this is something I never set out to do. I set out this blog to share my creative work with potential clients and to collaborate with other creatives. I wanted a place other then my website to share diverse content, ideas and thoughts as I never had anywhere else to put these. So I created this online space for myself.

Over the last year I feel this online space, has come such a along way in such a short amount of time and has naturally evolved. I just wanted to remind myself of "Why I Started Blogging" because I never set out to make money or become a "Sell Out" as some might see it when they come across too many product reviews. With that being said, I want to let my readers know that I would only ever review products that I enjoy and actually like, for me blogging isn't about money or selling products, it is about sharing My World and My Life and what I get up to and what I like to do. It's about sharing my journey in chasing my dream and everything in between. I am so excited for 2015 and what it holds... #letsdothis 

Live life and chase your dreams!
See you Thursday.

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