16 Apr 2015

Lessons Learnt #3 - Anyone is reachable

As you may or may not notice I have had my #lessonslearnt blog posts rebranded. At the start of the year I decided I was going to rebrand my blog of which I have done and I was really happy with this, however overtime I wasn't as happy with the branding of this series, so I found a typographer on Instagram and I got in touch with her... 

I wanted to say a huge thank you to her for rebranding this series. You can check out her work on her Website, if you like Typography, Quotes etc 

Continuing on from this, today's blog post is about people being "reachable". I think alot of people in today's society think some people aren't reachable and this I think is because people are made out to be in a sort of hierarchy and this can often deter people from reaching out to others. In particular, this happens when it is someone that you might deem or others deem as "well known". If you really want to work with someone that maybe "unreachable" and you feel you are not able to get in touch with them, the chances are you actually can find a way. Just know that you can work with anyone, or contact anyone, as people are actually more reachable then we think and I'm learning this alot, this year so far. 

Live life and chase your dreams!
See you Saturday.