22 Jan 2015

Bruno Mars at Brixton Academy // Throwback Thursday!

Today is a bit of a throwback to a few years ago when I was lucky enough to see Bruno Mars at the Brixton Academy. To see him at such an intimate venue like this was amazing as being the Superstar he is now it would be unlikely that he will ever do these venues again. I was going through my old Laptop recently and I came across some pictures I took of him and other events and thought I would share them on my blog. I haven't done a Throwback post this year so thought why not. I absolutely love music and lately I have been really enjoying looking back on the old memories music has given me.

I love to throw it back to a good memory or two every once in a while. It keeps things light hearted and I always enjoy reading other peoples memories and what they have been up to in the years of their lives so far. I like to see what others look back and reminisce on. So that's what I did today... a bit of reminiscing. Just to let you know I do have an exciting announcement coming in the next week or so... There are some exciting things ahead and some really cool content planned and being worked on to go up on here.

Live life and chase your dreams!
See you Saturday. 

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