16 Jan 2014

Five Ambitions | 2014

Hey everyone,

So today I am going to talk to you about my 2014 ambitions and goals. Many people start the year with New Years Resolutions and these tend to be things that they want to change, or things they want to achieve. Normally by the end of the year, people realise they haven't stuck to these or done what they aimed. So that is why today, I am going to write some of my goal's here so that when I look back at this, or forget what I am aiming to do, I can be reminded and then by the end of the year I can say I have achieved what I wanted to. 

Here is a list of some of my goal's for this year!

Music Video | Ambitions
Firstly, I want to direct and edit a music video, either for someone within the music industry or for a personal project. I am always watching music video's and learning new editing skills so I feel like this is something that I should do, because I have always wanted to. I have been spending a lot of time editing for my series Aspire To Inspire which has further inspired me to expand my editing skill's and show you guy's what I can do, with a music video. 

Short Film | Ambitions
Secondly, I want to produce some short films. I have two scripts already drafted 'Out There In This World' and 'Trust..'. As you may know if you have previously read my blog I have been talking about scripts and writing short films, for a little while. So I want to create at least two short films, for my youtube channel, and continue writing scripts.

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Social Media | Ambitions
Thirdly, Social Media something I feel strongly play's apart in our generation's lives whether that be for social or career. I want to continue to grow and increase my business, and social media platforms. As you may know in February I am launching the series Aspire To Inspire which is an expansion of a magazine, I did last year. This series will be of acoustic performances with artists, interviews, live events etc. The aim of this project, is to share talent, and stories with my audience, and to inspire others to never give up on their dreams. I hope to continue this series through out the whole year, growing my audience, and reaching out to a range of people, from artists such as Jake Miller, to you tubers such as Jack and Finn Harries who have further inspired my belief this project. 

For me this year is all about growth, success and support. I believe as I grow so will your support. So far this year I have already achieved something I have wanted to do for a such a long time, and that was getting my first video on VEVO, and I hope this is the first of many, as this is an incredibly proud moment for me.  

Music Ambitions | Make an EP!
For a long time now I have always wanted to go into a music studio, and record some music. This actually seems quite daunting when I think about it, but I know that I would love it if I did. However if I do not manage to go into a recording studio to film with artists or record, then I want to at least learn to play an instrument. So I have a guitar and I have wanted to learn to play it for a long time now, music being my other passion, aside from art and design. In my spare time I love nothing better then listening to music, and writing songs. I feel that in being able to play the guitar, it will help me to grow and write better. I love being creative with word's writing songs, music, art, and this seems like a natural progression. 

Design Ambitions | Awards!
Lastly, I want to talk to you about Christmas... yes this has been and gone and isn't back for another 11 months, but for Christmas I was brought two amazing book's which I have been reading through. These books reminded me of the possibilities within the design industry. So this year I want to continue growing, learning and perfecting my craft but to also reach out, and enter some competitions, who know's I may pick up an award or two! 

(VEVO Lyric Video)
I hope you enjoyed reading some of the things, I would like to do and achieve this year. I would love to know what you guy's want to achieve and do, please leave a comment and let me know. 

Live life and chase your dreams!
See you Saturday!

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