12 Feb 2015

A Valentine Poem!

(Disclaimer: This image is Gracie Francesca's and not mine.)
"A Valentine Poem"

This is a little poem
For the ones we cherish and love
Showing some appreciation for the times both good and tough 
This is for ones who are there when life is rough
A little something to show that everyone can be loved
And who you are is more then enough
Love can be shown to anyone that you want around
Appreciate life and live for right now
We don't need money to show our hearts are pure
And we know we are blessed and couldn't ask for more 
We don't need a dedicated day to show that we care
A simple text or call can made at any time
To show that we are there
So all year round, show appreciation 
For those you love and need 
Because sometimes words can say all that you mean.

Hope you enjoyed today's post, I will be announcing the date of my Aspire To Inspire magazine release on Saturday's blog so make sure you check it out and follow my blog if you don't already. Also I hit over 250.000+ views on Google & YouTube and I just wanted to say Thank you to anyone that may have taken there time to click on my page and check me and what I do out.... here's to the next 250,000! :) 

Live life and chase your dreams!
See you Saturday.

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