30 Aug 2014

Monthly Favourites | August 2014

So it's that transition time of the year, where Summer is winding down and Autumn is coming round. Which means it's that time again to share with you some of my favourite things I have been loving in the month of August!

TV Series

Firstly I wanted to mention TV Series's because I'll be honest, the only TV I really watch is on BBC Three as they show some cool content! I like to watch series's, whether that be on YouTube or wherever. So the TV Series I am currently loving at the moment is of course on BBC Three and that's 'Cuckoo'. I really loved the first season and was excited for it to be back on screen. However I must admit, it has taken a while to adjust to the new concept behind the show and however despite the criticism I have read online, I still find myself hooked on watching the series. 

Hair Care Products

With an important wedding coming up and me having ombre hair, I felt I needed to do some research into what I could do to take care of my hair better. Not just for the wedding but for general every day life. This is quite an unusual thing for me, as I am not really into beauty and hair products so it is a new area I wanted to explore. 

(TONI&GUY Cleanse Shampoo, Nourish Conditioner for Blonde Hair)

(TONI&GUY Casual Hair Spray and Sea Salt Texture Spray)

I found out about care for ombre hair from this video and I am so glad that I did. I have noticed my hair to be more blonder on the ends and I love it! 


If you know me then you will know that I love a graphic t-shirt, now other then loving Who Clothing which I talk about more below. I have been loving the two t-shirt's that I just purchased for Inc Clothing. The first of which is a maroon t-shirt, which has the quote, 'I'm not antisocial, society is anti me' I brought this because I really liked this quote and also because I wanted to wear something that wasn't black and white. 

Cherry Carmex

As the weather changes here in the UK, I have noticed my skin getting drier and I have been getting sore lips, so thats why I have to include my ultimate lip balm in this monthly favourites. In this image is the tube I am currently using, however I do find the 'pot' version a lot easier to apply.

My iPhone Case

Earlier this month I purchased a t-shirt from Who Clothing, one of my favourite independent brands. They then released an iPhone case with the same design, so I had to get it! The only downside to this case was that I found it hard to get off once it was on (but maybe that was just me), but I absolutely love this case, I think it looks amazing. 

(You can check out Who Clothing on their website http://www.whoclothing.com )


I have been loving Sunday's! I usually work through most Sunday's but last Sunday as it was bank holiday weekend I got to sit and relax and watch a bunch of movies and catch up on YouTube Video's. I find that if I am not being productive I can get bored, however I really enjoyed a day off. 

It sometimes helps to have some down time, collect your thoughts and idea's and get refreshed ready for the week ahead.

I have been loving Netflix again this month, I have been able to find a range of films that I have really enjoyed watching. I have also been loving a few different Animes. 

I hope you enjoyed my August Favourites - I wanted to try and include my photography more within my blog as this seems to work. I am still learning about product photography, so I hope I did okay.. haha.. Anyway let me know what you have been loving this month in the comments below or on twitter @lilcdesigns 

Live life and chase your dreams!
See you Thursday