17 Oct 2013

Career Update!!

Hey Everyone,

This week I have been working on a few projects with Australian Independent Singer/Songwriter Elliot Hamilton Brown. I previously worked with Elliot around eight month's ago where I was asked to create a lyric video for his single "Yeah Baby". At this point in my career, I hadnt reallly explored After Effect's so I wasn't as confident as I am now with this software. 

"Yeah Baby" was the first lyric video I ever created, I feel that this video show's dedication to my craft and that everyone starts from somewhere. I believe that from this video to the one's I have created in the last few month's there has been lots of improvement. I am proud of this piece of work, as it proved that I could do what I've always aspired to do and that was create lyric video's for artists. I wanted to combine my music passion, with my design skills, and I feel this product has a niche 
market and I am glad I can provide this for people. 

I then went on to working with Elliot on a concert visual for one of his show's. Visual Stage Production is something that really interests me, and something that I aspire 
to be involved in. This project allowed me to explore different effects using the Trapcode Plugin as well as explore how to create visuals that react with audio tracks, an effect which features on i-Tunes as the visualizer. 

And here is my latest lyric video which is for Elliot's single 'As I Go' from his debut album Empyrean. 

You can keep up with Elliot's latest music 
by visiting his website http://www.elliothamiltonbrown.com
or following him on twitter 

I love being creative, and learning! I am always looking and trying to be the best at what I do!! Looking for innovative way's to portray lyrics within music. I am currently also working on an album sampler video for Elliot's album Empyrean which is out on the 31st October. 
Live life and chase your dreams!! 
See you Saturday!!