16 Aug 2014

My Thoughts on TRXYE!

Hey everyone,

So today I want to share with you guy's my thoughts on the EP TRXYE, as well as share with you some of the video's I have been loving on YouTube at the moment and what I feel about YouTube becoming more 'mainstream' and more 'accepted'! 

First of all, I am currently loving the debut EP TRYXE by Troye Sivan. Nineteen year-old music artist from Perth, Troye Sivan has just released his highly antipcated debut EP and it is already No.1 in over 55 countries. The EP has been on repeat since I got my copy! My favourite tracks being Gasoline and the lead single 'Happy Little Pill' which you can watch the official music video for below! Though I have my favourites, as you read my blog you know that I appreciate music and in particular the songwriting.

For me the whole EP is so beautifully written and sung. TRXYE is also very relatable to anyone, any sex, age, gender and I definitely recommend this EP as one to add to your playlist!

(Official Video to the tittle track 'Happy Little Pill' by Troy Sivan taken from the debut EP TRXYE') Comment below your fav's from the EP as I would love to hear them!

As well as Loving the EP TRXYE I also have been finding a lot of content on YouTube which I feel is worthy of sharing, as I enjoyed watching/listening to it. So the first video, I want to share is 'A Film For Ella' created by YouTube Channel 'JACKSGAP'.

 I have watched this channel grow over the last couple of years, to something incredible, something  they should be incredibly proud of! From the series 'The Rickshaw Run' I have seen this Channel change, develop and grown. Jack and Finn have developed a mature, channel full of diverse content, steering away from the 'stereotyped Youtube Channel' and I think this growth can only be seen as good thing. 

The reason I chose this video is because it is one of the cutest things I have watched in a long time. Something you can find yourself watching over and over again, and never get bored. Though not intended it does remind of a short romantic film, and I thought that you would enjoy it if you haven't seen it yet! 

The next video I want to share with you is the music video for Jake Miller's single 'First Flight Home'.  Which is like movie, I have loved Jake's music for years now and I think that is because not only is he so talent, but his music is so incredibly positive, relatable and enjoyable. 

 I think his versatility and growth as an artist can really be seen in this track. I think the music video is incredible, I feel that it captures the heart of so many different situations as well as Jake's own personal story. I am excited to see what's next for Jake! I have also included 'The Making Of' which I really enjoyed, I love watching these types of video's and hope to one day film and edit one of these for my own Channel and to work closer with the musicians that I work with at the moment to produce something like this.

The last video that I want to share with you is this short film 'Two Strangers In A Bed' by Charlie Mcdonald. This film for me, was one of the best short films I think I've seen on YouTube so far, I was very impressed. I think I felt it had a unique originality and it was something different to anything I have seen before.

 From the script, to the actors, to the shots, to the final edit. I just thought it was a brilliant watch. I love how YouTube can be full of different diverse content, and it allows many creators to express, share and develop their talents. I think it is a forever growing medium for talent and creativity! So much so that YouTube/The Internet had a place at this years Teen Choice Awards earlier this month, with such winners as Tyler Oakley, 0ur 2nd Life and more. I think for the internet to be receiving recognition for such shows is incredibly inspiring and it shows the power that the Internet is having on the world in which we live in today.

Live life chase your dreams!
See you Thursday.