8 Nov 2014

Career Update // Web Design

Today I wanted to give you a career update as I haven't done one in a while. It has been a busy few months working on various long term and short term projects for my career. Some of which I am now able to tell you about and some of which I will be announcing in the next few months as they are not being released as of yet. 

Other then concentrating on content for my blog and YouTube channel which are constantly updated there are a few projects that I am going to share with you in this post that I have also been working on.
My blog and YouTube channel are always growing and this is something which has been quite a focus for me the last month or so. I have been concentrating on trying to create original content and constantly coming up with idea's. I am learning about the incorporation of photography within my blog and how to maintain a consistency throughout my posts in terms of topic relation and lifestyle. 

The main projects I wanted to share with you all, are some of my latest Web Design and Motion Design projects. I am currently in the process of learning Web Design for various platforms other then Adobe Muse as I have come to find that many clients are specific when it comes to what platforms they want their websites built on. I think it is important as a designer not to limit your style, skills, or knowledge. Always be willing to learn and try new ways of doing something and listen to others in the industry who may be able to help you out or you may be able to learn from. 

The first of two projects I wanted to talk about was the website I did for Goonez Music. Originally I was asked to produce a website to promote and sell their beats, however since then this website has progressed significantly. I liked the use of Red, Black and Gold as a colour scheme for this project as I felt it fit the branding of this company.  

The second website I wanted to talk about is a very simple website I was asked to do for a UK Copywriter. I was asked to create this website on the brief that it was to be nothing complex or too designed, and something that was simple and easy to use. With this project I learnt how to incorporate PDF links into portfolio pages which was something I hadn't done before within a Web Design project. 

The next thing I wanted to talk about was Motion Design. As a designer this is something I have found myself getting work for since the very beginning when I started out. I think I have quite a talent in this industry and the last project I did in Motion Design, I worked alongside another designer. I was given the project to do on my own but had a someone to discuss creative idea's with, which was great!

Motion Design like Web Design and many other aspects of Design inspire and excite me because you simply can learn and learn, and I love to learn. My advise to any creatives or designers out there would be to go out into the industry and make contacts and learn from others that are more experienced then you and let others learn from you and what you have to offer as well. 

Live life and chase your dreams.
See you Thursday!

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