22 Feb 2014

Soccer Six | Career Update!

Hey everyone, 

I just wanted to say a quick 'Thank You' before I get started, as I am on nearly 100 followers!! I have just got back from two day's of filming and want to share with you what I have been up to. 

So yesterday I got to attend and film interview's at an event known as 'Soccer Six'. Soccer six is the world's biggest celebrity football tournament. 

Here are some of the picture's I took!

(Photo of the Soccer Dome in Greenwich)

(Thompson 'Kingsland Rd')

(Tobi 'The Magaluf Weekender')

('Kingsland Rd') 

(Photography: LILCDESIGNS)

I will be editing and posting a video montage of the day, with snippets of the interviews we got. This will be up on Thursday's blog! As well as a snippet of my first interview for my series, Aspire To Inspire. 
Here is 'Dashkid' with his acoustic version of 'Ambitious' for Aspire To Inspire. Check him out!

Live life and chase your dreams.
See you Thursday!

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