17 Sep 2013

Jake Miller (Music Review)

So for a few year's now I have been listening to twenty year old Jake Miller, an American rapper from Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Since one of his very first video's "Dreaming", to his EP "The Road Less Travelled" which was realised earlier this year. I have been so impressed with his talent, work ethic, and lyrical ability, which is rare to find these day's. I have also been so inspired to watch him grow as an artist, and to live out his dream's. Jake is unique, he talk's about the real issue's in life that a lot of people can relate to, and that actually matter, not the usual car's, money and hoe's. Jake really brings positivity to any given situation, and he talks from experiences. If you've heard his track's "A Million Lives" "Im Alright" & "Steven" you will know where I am coming from.  

If you havent then I suggest you check out his music here https://www.youtube.com/millertime2892

This week his new single "Collide" hit I-tunes from his debut album "Us Against Them" it is currently No.6 on the US 
I-tunes charts, as well as succeeding around the globe. When I first played the song I was hooked, though its a slightly different sound from his EP, and previous releases I feel it's still Jake. It is a club track, which set's the vibe for his debut album, and up coming tour!  

Photo from Jake's Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/jakemillermusicfans

If you haven't yet heard of Jake then be sure to check out his new single on I-tunes and watch out for his debut album "Us Against Them" coming out on the 29th October. Be sure to follow my blog, as I will be reviewing the album when it drops. 

LC xx

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