13 Nov 2014

Yungen // Project Red&Black Show (Sold Out)

Today is another Thursday so it’s only right that I throw it back to this time last week… when I saw artist Yungen shut down the 02. Well where do I begin with the Red and Black show. I guess to even get a glimpse of how good it was you just had to be there on the night. It was truly something special. Artist Yungen recently released his EP Project Red and Black on I-tunes and earlier this month it charted in the mid-week top 40 and as an independent artist thats an incredible achievement. He has since gone on to SELL OUT his first ever headline show at the 02 in Islington. 

Having listened to Yungen since the ‘Hometown’ days and from seeing his first F64 on SBTV I was nothing but excited to finally see him live after all this time. The moment Yungen appeared on stage there was a presence of sheer star quality. Yungen started the show with a track of his latest release"Life Of Sin" and throughout the show brought it back to the beginning bringing a mix of the old and new which for me, was one of the highlights of witnessing this show. For me this show was not only about the talent of the young artist but the drive and passion that he has for the music and this really came across. 

Yungen went on to perform "Too Real" and "Off The Record" two of my personal favourite Yungen tracks to bringing on stage the likes of Melissa Steel, Krept and Konan, Stormzy, G Fresh and many more. I can only imagine from this show alone how bright Yungen's future is within the music industry, with the amount of passion, delivery and talent this guy has. 

I would love to work Yungen in the future and I hope I can make this happen. For anyone reading this I would definatley recommend going to see Yungen in concert, if you ever get the chance as I guarantee you will enjoy every second. For now you can watch some of the highlights of the show below. 

Live life and chase your dreams.
See you Saturday!

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