6 Nov 2014

Throwback Thursday // Summer Memories

Today is Thursday so I feel it's only right that I bring back my Throwback Thursday blog posts. Today I want to throw it back to the Summer and to some of the best memories I have made this year so far. During the Summer I made this blog post where by I listed things I wanted to achieve and do and I have done quite a few of those. As I am currently freshening up the paint work in my room I decided it was time to complete my Instagram Wall with some new memories and use these as inspiration for this post. 

One of the things I wanted to do was to catch the Sunset. So this is an image of the sunset I caught on my way up to London to see The Weird Way Around tour. One of my favourite memories for sure! Purely because i wasn't expecting to love this night as much I did and that is something I will take with me and learn from. The lesson being that you really do not know if you will like something unless you actually experience it and try it out. 

Another thing I wanted to do was go away for a few days. So I went to Cheddar and Bath. A beautiful place I got to visit over the Summer for a little get away with the family. A nice time to relax and recuperate. It is nice to experience other places around the world and even around the UK with such serenity and peace something a lot different or quite similar to places in London where I am used to being. I really enjoyed this trip away (you can find out more information about this by watching my PTE video on my time there). 

A quote that I think I will live by now because the more life goes on the more as humans we will resonate and relate with this one. I hope you enjoyed this post, whilst there are still some things on my summer list that I haven't got to do yet, I have done so much more and I am blessed to have had the opportunities I have had. 

Live life and chase your dreams.

See you Saturday!

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