16 Oct 2014

Try Something New #2 | The Weird Way Around Tour (Doc Brown)

Today I wanted to share with you my second 'Try Something New' blog post. Last Thursday I got to experience a night I don't think I will forget. A night that for me was something truly special. I was lucky enough to attend ‘The Weird Way Around’ tour by comedian and artist Doc ‘Ben Smith’ Brown at The Forum in Kentish Town. I had been to this venue previously a few years back for another event, so was aware that the venue would have a good vibe.  

I have always had a love for Hip-Hop/Rap, spoken word and lyricism. This show made me fall in love even more, with the way words can be put together to tell a story. I have loved Doc’s work from the day I was introduced to him, I thought why not take up this opportunity to see him live. I had high expectations as whenever I have seen him on TV or on YouTube I could quite simply have a good laugh so I was expecting nothing but a great show… and let me tell you it did not disappoint.
 I find I can be quite sensitive, as can we all and so I wasn't sure if I would enjoy this as comedy has never quite been my thing, but it blew me away. My favourite part of the show was the 'Encore' at the end of the night where he did his favourite and most popular material, including 'Proper Tea' and 'Everyone Is Racist'. Pure classics! I enjoyed the whole set and would definitely attend another Doc 'Ben Smith' Brown show! 

With my #TSN series on my blog I hope I am able to put across to people that you really do not know if you will enjoy something unless you actually do things. So get outside your comfort zone and you might just find some new interests, new hobbies and even new dislikes. The things we experience shape us to who we are and who we become... so the more we experience the better I would say.  I’m really enjoying this series so far and enjoying experiencing new things good and bad learning, and growing, from life and living. I hope to work with Doc 'Ben Smith' Brown in the future... maybe on Aspire To Inspire - that would be something cool to work towards and achieve. 

Live life and chase your dreams.
See you Saturday!

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