18 Oct 2014

Anonymity A Poem!

Today’s post is a little more serious compared to my usual content however hopefully just as interesting to read. Earlier this month I came across a blog post by blogger Nicole Eddy called ‘Guess Who’ it spoke on a topic that is becoming more and more relevant to the world we live in everyday. So after reading this I decided this was something I wanted to talk about as well. I know a lot of people will come to experience 'Anonymity' and 'Cyber Bullying', or will know about it or see some form of it online through Social Media and a lot of YouTube comments.  

(Disclaimer - Image belongs to blogger Nicole Eddy - You can check out her blog here!

I hope if you take anything from this blog it is simply that everyone in this world will have their own 'problems' their own things they are facing and going through, so it isn't a good idea to take it out on others. Sometimes unfortunately because of this people feel the need to make anonymous accounts online to make themselves feel 'better' and consequently this allows people to feel it is 'okay' to victimise and bully others, probably those who they see as having a 'perfect' life or having a 'good time' or being 'successful'. I think people's judgement can be clouded when it comes to the internet and the fact that what and who we see online and what is broadcasted is only a small amount of who these people actually are, and what their lives entail. In fact a lot of these people are actually creating content and broadcasting for their own lives, for their own escapism.

There is always two sides to every story and the more the 'internet' evolves and becomes the 'Power Tool', the more I feel the need to speak about the 'Dangers' and 'Problems' it can have. After recent events that have happened throughout the YouTube community, I feel this has helped open peoples eyes to see that nothing is quite how it is portrayed. I guess when browsing the net.. be careful and don't be so naive, know yourself, know your facts and just be weary and trust your instincts. 

Anonymity may be right for some people, but in the long run it needs to be monitored in some way when it causes upset to others. Some people feel that because you are anonymous and because you are behind a keyboard that the person on the receiving end will simply brush it off and it isn't as bad as if it was to happen in person. 

This is not the case and sometimes to be on the receiving end can be a lot worse then if it was in person. I would suggest that you find another way to express how you feel... Write a blog? Write a poem? Give constructive criticism not abuse. Put your feelings into words... not into hate comments and direct abuse to others online. THINK would you say this to people in person?

An Anonymity Poem 

 You see nearly everyone does it 
They just don’t always see
The secrets we conceal
And hide with our anonymity 
Maybe because it is easier then being seen
And when YOU do it YOU simply don’t think 
About what your actions 
Or words may cause or bring 
To the people YOU are aiming what YOU say 
Just because it doesn't hurt you 
Doesn’t mean its right and its not hate. 
Everyone has feelings and everyone feels pain.
It doesn’t make it right… Just cos you hide your face. 
Behind a keyboard or a computer screen
You don’t even think your words are nice.  
Your intentionally being mean. 
Because your scared and have nothing better to DO
And to you there DOING great. So it seems. 
But they have ALL these DREAMS and SUCCESS. 
But in reality it's the safety of the net
You wouldn't say these things in real life
So why would you GO online? 
And SEND Death Threats.
Where are your MORALS?
How can you forget? 
These people you pick out and VICTIMISE have struggles 
Everyones story has TWO Sides. 
No ones world is simple. All Words COLLIDE. 
 See they are covering their flaws 
Insecurities that you point out
So you type IN CAPS to say them LOUD. 
Who’s that helping now? Does that make you PROUD?
So how would you feel if you was on the receiving end?
Of the negative comments and ALL the things you SEND?
Would you say it if that screen was to break?
And you were TO CONFRONT them FACE TO FACE.
Maybe its to escape?
The reality in which you live
But do you know that what you get is exactly what you give?

Your words have consequences…  just so you know. 
People are GOOD at acting like THINGS don’t bother them 
When they hurt and they say they DONT
But sometimes when they sleep all that plays in their minds are those words. 
And they think about them and think its what they deserve 
Those words that you probably just wrote for fun
Cos you were being all BRAVE
When ANONYMITY IS DUMB. And shouldn’t be played. 
Lives are not a GAME.

So next time your online your typing away 
Just think about what you write.
Think about your words and how they may affect someone else's life.
Don’t take it out on those who may seem to be doing better then you. 
You don’t know what they don’t show. 
Maybe the cuts on her wrists under her sweater 
And her life under a roof of A BROKEN HOME. 
So don’t take IT out on others when we are are all the same.
 In a world full of love… trying to find that flame.
 Looking for others we feel the NEED to blame. 
Concealing our IDENTITY, hiding our name. 
Sneaking around when it GETS dark
Cos theres an emptiness in
THAT we need to FULFIL in our heart. 

Next time you want to ACT out in concealment 
Just because your protected by a frame
Remember everything is Temporary and ANONYMITY 
Shouldn't be used in vain. 
Simply because life can be beautiful and everything can change.
I really enjoy being creative and I really enjoy putting words together and exploring lyricism. I  hope this came across okay as I was very inspired by Nicole's post and by this new video by content creator JacksGap called 'YOU'. So I am going to leave that below for you to watch. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. 


Live life and chase your dreams.
See you Thursday!

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