23 Oct 2014

Jessie J wins at the Mobo Awards | Sweet Talker (Album Review)

Today I am going to review Jessie J's third solo album 'Sweet Talker' which was released earlier this month. As Jessie won a MOBO Award last night for Best Female Act. As I have had this album on repeat since I purchased it. Everyday I have a new favourite. Very rarely will you get an album that you don't skip a few tracks but for me this is one of those albums which has no tracks to skip. Every track is special and has it's own unique story line and concept that everyone can relate to with their own stories and lives.  

I have been listening to Jessie J for a couple years now and seen her live twice. I first came across Jessie online when she was on YouTube in her pjs singing 'Big White Room' which was later released on her debut album 'Who You Are', and ever since I have been in awe. Her talent is just simply incredible, from her songwriting, to her vocal scale, to her positivity and realness in herself and her music. The debut album for me really sold Jessie and who she was an artist, in the second album I felt it was a little more commercialised and I guess a little more experimental. So when I picked up 'Sweet Talker' I didn't know what to expect and I was happy to listen and find that it was like her debut album but more 'depth' and as she has grown as an artist, as have I since that first album I think this also makes it more relatable. 

My personal favourite tracks on this album at the moment are 'Loud' 'Get Away' and 'Strip'. 'Loud' has been my favourite because I really feel this song when I listen to it and really love how the lyrics have been put together and really portray strong feeling. 

With this being said, however I also love the title track 'Sweet Talker' and  another track called 'Masterpiece' as well as these I have loved the track 'You Don't Really Know Me' since it has been online. I didn't think this track would be on the album because it had been released before hand online and I am so glad it was included as it is a beautifully written song and very relatable. I have a lot of respect for Jessie and really do love this body of work. I do think it is the strongest she has put out yet. 

You can head over to I-Tunes and grab your copy of Jessie J's album Sweet Talker if you haven't already and let me know in the comments below what you favourite tracks are from the album and recommend any other music I should be listening to. 

Live life and chase your dreams.
See you Saturday!

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