7 Dec 2013

My Fashion Favs!

Hey everyone,

So today I am going to give you an insight into my wardrobe, what I wear and what Im loving this year in term's of fashion! 

Bracelets | Wrist wear

First up is wrist wear, I feel like bracelets are an essential part of my every day outfit! I have quite a collection of them now and I feel that where possible it is a necessity to accessorise my outfit. In the picture below you can see a few of my favourite bracelets. One of my favourites from this picture, is the gold and black spiked bracelet which I purchased from River Island earlier this year. The other being the black and silver band, which is from an Independent company called 'The Believe Brand'. When looking to purchase items I often look at the company history, the concept behind them and I was inspired with what this company were about, so I decided to buy one and support the cause.

Buy Your Believe Brand | http://www.thebelievebrand.bigcartel.com

Supras | High Tops

At the moment I am currently wearing my all black glitter High Top's which I purchased from River Island a few month's back for every day wear. They are so comfy, they look great and they go with everything. As well as these I have also been wearing my leopard print Supra's that I brought earlier this year. I love High Top's in general, because they are the style of shoe I prefer to wear, and they suit me, my lifestyle/personality.  


Joggers | 'Leather Look'

So in the fashion trend's at the moment is the 'Leather Look' something I am loving!

When I was younger I used to be quite sporty, and I liked my 'Comfortable Clothes' so when Jogger's came into fashion I was quite excited. Earlier this year I purchased my 'Graffiti' syle jogger's and I absolutely loved them! So this month I decided to purchase some 'Leather Look' joggers. As I am loving the 'Leather Look' at the moment as well as anything black and white, I will definitely be looking out for anything else in this style.

You Can purchase these from Top Shop https://www.topshop.com

Clothing Brand's | Independent 

'Who Clothing' and 'Fintagewear' are two of my favourite Independent street wear brands. I am always looking for upcoming brand's as I feel sometimes they offer the best urban fashion. I am also currently loving 'Forever 21' and this week I purchased a black and white 'Baller' t-shirt which I love!

Snapback's | Hats

And of course if you know me, you will know about my love for snapback's! My current favourite's are my Fresh Ego Kid 'Love snapback', and my 'Who Clothing' one. However I am loving the look of Independent Brand 'Ginge London', their range is awesome! I have also been looking at clothing line 'Dope Couture' and I'm loving there stuff too!


Fresh Ego Kid | http://www.freshegokid.com

Let me know what your favourite fashion fav's are, leave a comment below! I would love to chat to you guys.

Live life and chase your dream's