12 Dec 2013

Art & Animation!

Hey everyone,

This week I came across an artist I wanted to share with you all. This artist goes by the name of Otis and he is a metal sculptor who take's inspiration from his everyday life to create art. I love the fact he recycles materials to use for his art creations, I particularly love his musical pieces, after visiting many galleries I feel his art is unique, original and something I haven't seen before.

You can check out more of his work on his website: http://www.otis-art.co.uk

In term's of my career this past week, I have been editing two advertising video's for a corporate company. For this job I was asked to re-time the animation of two advertising video's using a new voice over. This was a challenge, as there was a problem with the voice overs, but I have come to realise that nothings simple! The challenges are; trying to find solutions to unforeseen problems. I have found that during my time editing these video's I have learnt more about syncing audio and movements together within Adobe After Effect's. I have also learnt more and more about clients, and especially the massive importance of good communication! 

Live life and chase your dreams!!
See you Saturday

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