5 Dec 2013

A Short Documentary | Rachael Rhodes

Hey everyone,

So this week I have been editing, one of the projects I have put together was a montage of the #ushclothing featuring on national television on ITV'S show X-Factor. Which you can watch below!

I have also been working on a short documentary for artist Rachael Rhodes, who also appeared on this year's X-Factor. Charley Jean videographer, went along to some of Rachael's events and filmed them, I was then asked to edit them together and this is what I produced.

Filming artists and watching documentary's is something that particularly interests me as they often show an insight into what they get up to, and what they do before show's etc. I always watch and I am always inspired by many thing's seen on VEVO. VEVO is an amazing platform for creative content, and of course great music.

Live life and chase your dreams!
See you Saturday