22 Dec 2015

A Christmas Poem // X-mas Week!!

Now I did in fact post this poem last year, but I felt it still represented the way I feel at this time of the year, hope you enjoy it for those who have not read it and for those that have I hope it reminds you of how important appreciation and time is over all the other things in the world.

My Christmas Wish (A Poem)


Dear Diary, today I write
In hope for nothing but love and light
At this festive holiday time
When the world shines on everything that seems so bright
For the angels we lost I hope they sleep tight 
And may we be blessed with everything we need 
And lets be thankful for those around the tree
As I write this poem on Christmas Eve
As new year dawns all becomes clear 
And in that it is nearly time for the new year 
But just know we have everything we need right here

So here it is my Christmas gift
And I guess this is also my Christmas wish
That you all take some time away
To enjoy your time with those you spend today

So merry Christmas to you all
I hope you have a wonderful and joyous time
Filled with laughter and love and this little rhyme
I hope for you, it's a great day wherever you may be
This is a little poem for you from me. 

Live life, chase your dreams, have a Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays!
See you tomorrow. 

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