9 Oct 2014

Try Something New | Vapiano

Hey everyone,

I am very excited to share today’s blog with you all. Today I wanted to introduce another new idea to my blog in hope for growth in my content and in me as a person. Now we are in October I feel that it is a great time for reflection and change. This month I wanted to try something new... things I have always wanted to do and things I have never done before or even considered. Sometimes I get use to the comfort of what I know, what I do and what I love and who doesn't? I think life should be lived and enjoyed and when we live a little outside our comfort zones, I feel this is where we learn. I love learning. The more we learn and the more we experience is what makes us who we are and what we become. I think thats what life should be about. Growing, Learning, Living and Experiencing - Trying Something New! 

So for the first #TSN I went to a restaurant I hadn’t yet been to and that was 'Vapiano'. I love Italian cuisine and would love to visit Italy one day.
This is my favourite type of food to eat so when I heard about this place a few months ago I wanted to visit, try it out and see what the hype was all about. Vapiano is different to any other restaurant I have been to. When you walk in you are handed a card and then the food is ordered at the ‘bar’ and then freshly prepared in front of your eyes. You then take your freshly prepared food and seat yourself. I liked this idea. 

Overall it was a nice vibe a chilled friendly atmosphere, the food was very delicious and Vapiano is definitely somewhere I would recommend to check out and visit. Not too expensive and amazing food! I hope to visit Vapiano many more times in the not so distant future and try out some of the other things that took my taste buds on the menu. 

(Images not owned by me - found on various sites on Google)

'Try Something New' is one of the many idea’s I have had this month and I hope you enjoyed this type of content on my blog, let me know what the last thing you did that was something new. I would love to read them in the comments below!

Check out Vapiano on their website! http://uk.vapiano.com/en/home/

Thank you for all your love & support! 
Live life and chase your dreams - See you Saturday. 

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