22 May 2014

Guest Post | Summer Fashion 2014

Hey everyone,

Before I get started with today's blog I would just like to say 'Thank you' to everyone who took part in my first ever blog competition. It was a lot of fun and I was overwhelmed with the amount of people that took part in the #mikehoughgiveaway. I will definitely be doing more give away's and competitions throughout the year. 

Today I bring to you another Fashion Guest Post, so if you are looking for some tips for this Summer then read ahead!

Get Your Legs Summer Ready

Spring’s a strange time of year. One minute you’re freezing at the bus stop in a cold torrential downpour, the next you’re sweltering in the heat, feeling envious of all the people walking past you in their shorts and strappy tops. And of course you can’t join them yet, because your pasty, hairy winter body is in no state to be unleashed on the world.

Well, even though it’s a bit early to think about being bikini-ready, it’s definitely time to think about your legs, so that next time the sun decides to give us a bit of warmth, you’ll be ready and waiting for it. After all, it’s never too early to start cultivating that summer tan!


You may not have time to visit a beauty salon. Let’s face it, you may not even have time for a nice long soak in the bath. But if you buy yourself a good body scrub and stick it in the shower, you’ll have smooth, silky pins in seconds. There’s no need to pay salon prices either – you can get some fab budget scrubs in the supermarkets, and even sensitive skin types can afford to be a bit less choosy about what they use on their legs.

Lose The Hair

It’s a rare woman who doesn’t let her dilapidation routine lapse a bit over the winter. After all who’s got time to go and have their legs waxed when they could be at home drinking hot chocolate on the sofa in a pair of cosy lounge pants? But it’s no good if the first time you want to give your legs an airing, you have to get rid of the small forest growing on them. If waxing’s your thing, go and get it done, otherwise get back into the habit of shaving – it’ll be worth it to know you’re ready to go as soon as the sun is!

Top Up Your Tan

If you’re suffering from pasty leg, then now’s the time to get ahead of the game by kick starting your summer tanning routine. Nowadays, it doesn’t have to be a messy, smelly, expensive, time-consuming business that leaves you orange and fed up. Why not try a gradual build-up body lotion for a natural look?

Treat Your Tootsies

Manicures are lovely but the bliss of sitting in a massage chair while someone transforms your feet from trotters to sandal-ready things of beauty, is on another level altogether. So if you can find the money and the time for a pedicure, even once a year, this is the time to do it. If not, don’t worry – set aside an hour, lock the bathroom door and do it yourself.

So now your legs are good to go, it’s time to treat yourself to something to show them off in. George’s mini skirts are perfect for getting you in the mood for summer and flashing your pins (and if it’s cold they look great with tights too!).

Live life and chase your dreams!
See you Saturday

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