28 Jun 2014

Monthly Favourites | June 2014

Hey everyone,

It's that time again where I share with you my monthly fav's!


I feel it is only right that I start off this months favourites with none other then my current favourite album that has been on REPEAT since it came out and that is 'Multiply' by the incredibly talented Ed Sheeran.

My favourite song's on this album are currently 'Thinking Out Loud', 'Don't', 'Runaway' and 'Photograph'. I am really loving this album. I love the fact that Ed has kept his soul and acoustic persona but experimented with rap and hip hop elements and I really like this vibe from him. This will defiantly be my 2014 summer album.

Going with my Hip-Hop/Rap love I have another album to share with you that I have been loving. This album is 'Headliner' by artist Duane Flames.  

My personal favourites are 'What I do', 'USH March' 'Putting In Work' and 'My Inspiration'. This album is definitely worth checking out for those music lovers out there who appreciate real honest music, excellent lyrical content and great talent! 

You can have a listen to and purchase on I-Tunes here https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/headliner/id887957517


I have been loving tumblr, if you follow me on Instagram you will know that I do have a love for quotes and therefore have to include tumbler in this months favourites. I have also been loving 'Mextures' which is an App I use and one that I will be using in the future for my Instagram pictures. The third and final app I am going to mention this month is Netflix, I am excited to use this and get into some series's such as 'Orange Is The New Black'.


This month I have been loving Short-Films, being a creator of content and also watching content created by other creators, I enjoy watching Short-Films. I feel YouTube is a great platform for people to do their thing.. and there are video's out there that are entertaining.

The lighting, sound, script everything about this is intriguing and cleverly done. I really enjoyed this video.

Let me know what you have been loving this month and leave it in the comments below. 

Live life and chase your dreams!
See you on Saturday.