1 May 2014

Career Update | New Website

Hey everyone,

If you do not follow me on twitter then you may not have seen that my brand new website is now live! 

After six months of working on becoming better at what I do and honing my craft. I decided it was time to learn a new software programme 'Adobe Muse CC', to redesign and launch a brand new website from the ground up. The first and main reason for this was because I wanted to start getting into web design, and I knew that in doing this I would be able to provide my clients with a full package of branding for their business.

I decided to change my domain from lilcdesigns.org to lilcdesigns.com as I felt this was a better representation of me as a company and I wanted this to be shown in my URL. This website has been one of my learning curves - and I am proud of how it has turned out. I think this has opened my eyes to doing Web Design as a full time job. 
There were a few problems that seemed not to be solvable with my lilcdesigns.org website the main problem was that it was not easily accessible on tablets and phones, so this made it hard for people to view on the go. I found this could have put of potential clients. I also felt it was very regimented in that every page had the same layout and for me that was something I felt restricted me in designing, and portraying my work in the best possible way. Also currently on trend at the moment is 'parralex scrolling' it is interactive and cool and I wanted it on my new website!

In regards to my Aspire To Inspire series there will be a new video out tomorrow, and I am planning a lot more for my YouTube Channel. I want to produce better content and grow a bigger audience on there, whether this be through more videos or new ideas.

I personally feel like this has been a great success in achieving what I wanted to do.
Thank you all so much for supporting me in what I do, I hope you like my new website. Let me know your thoughts, in the comments or send me a tweet - I would really appreciate feedback. 

See you Saturday with a new video for Aspire To Inspire, to see it first subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Live life and chase your dreams!

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