1 Mar 2014

My Series ATI!

Hey everyone, 

So here it is the fourth consecutive video of my series Aspire To Inspire. I was asked by artist Luke Towler to come down and record his set at Westfield for the series, it was an awesome experience and I hope to work with Luke again in the near future, he is very talented! I will be uploading a few more video's of his set in the next few week's! There will also be interviews coming to the series as well as more acoustic video's and live show's/performances. 

I just wanted to let you guys know that this is the last consecutive week for my ATI and I would like to say Thank You to those who have supported, taken part in the series, and helped me out. The support is really appreciated! 

You can watch the rest of the video's from the series so far below, Make sure to follow me on here as  I will keep you up to date with the series on this blog! As well as twitter which you can follow me on here https://twitter.com/lilcdesigns

Live life and chase your dreams.
See you next Saturday!